Yesterday Tank and I took a little walk near the old Story Mill.  I’ve posted about this place before.



I think the wind had torn off more of the siding on the square tower. 

Two things to note about the walk with Tank:
1.  It was a warm mid-day even though the skies were dark, but probably the last day without frozen ground and snow for a good long while – the dark is a sign of the winter storm that is hitting all of Montana, with blizzard warnings for some counties.

2.  Tank needs some leash training – which I just happen to have a strategy for.  With out said training he will pull me down.  With said training he is already showing signs of getting the hang of not pulling on the leash.  I’ll let you know  how it goes in the future.


I’m sharing this post with Rural Thursdays and This or That Thursdays  and Thursdays Favorite Things Hop – won’t you come join us?

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8 thoughts on “RURAL THURSDAY – THIS AND THAT THURSDAY – 11-8-2012

  1. What a beautiful place for walking!

  2. Really like the contrast of the sky in these shots and admire your bravery for taking along a camera while leash training a dog. I was never successful with leash training our dogs (nearly pulled into the pond by the Irish Setter – she was huge and strong – and a bit ditsy).

  3. 1) I want those field for photo shoots. Could you please share them? 2) I love the contrast between the tower, the red brick and the ominous skies. 3) It’s awesome that you can read layers of print on the siding, especially the “It’s the Wheat” message! Thank you for sharing this with us!

  4. Amazing photography. Good Luck with Tank. B

  5. pat

    Wow–these are wonderful!! Really like the contrast with the sky in the first shot. And you know, even though I realize November is ticking away, it hadn’t even dawned on me that TDay is only TWO WEEKS away!! AUUUUGHH!!!!!

  6. Tracie Gibbs

    I really love all of these… great color, perspective and contrast!

  7. The sky made such a pretty backdrop for your pictures.

  8. Nancy

    It does look like it would start to snow any minute with those dark skies!

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