This is what is coming our way. 

By Friday it is supposed to hover around 0* at our house at least during the a.m. and evening hours.  We’ll deal with it, but I think I better get that gas stove working so we can be comfortable in the living area of the house.

I keep flaking out on the late week posting as the office overwhelms us with things to do that are not anywhere near as fun as posting to a blog or looking at the blogs of others.  But, that’s how we make a living, so I better not complain.

Here are some of the things to be thankful for this past week:

1488.  Billing for the October office work was complete by the 2nd of the month

1489.  Hug from a client

1490.  J’s choir concert

1491.  Getting to all appointments on time last week.

1492.  Warmer weather for a few days

1493.  More free bison meat (same source)

1494.  J and Andy getting out to hunt together

1495.  Continued options and efforts to support J in improving his school performance

1496.  Affirmation from others that Andy does a good job for his clients

1497.  Progress with remodel of living room/kitchen

1498.  Semi-private Karate lesson as only two kids show up for class on Halloween night

1499.  Successful withdrawal from trick or treating for J

1500.  Andy safe when he hit a deer on the highway

1501.  Plenty of work available to support us’

1502.  Holy Spirit’s guidance on how to express particular concerns and biblical basis for the same

1503.  End in site for election propaganda

1504.  Warm greeting from a stranger approached to ask a random question.

1505.  Fun family photos for a family in poverty who doesn’t usually get that opportunity

1506.  Local business willing to open doors for shooting church staff photos

1507.  J’s enjoyment of English Country dancing with friends

1508.  Bonds among friends that last for years

1509.  Laughter of 5 families gathered after church in the dark in the yard of Daniel and Eva to receive bison meat

1510.  Longer than usual talk with Roberta

1511.  Warm greeting when volunteering at school fundraiser – working with folks I didn’t know but having fun

1512.  Tank so well trained by Daniel that he can be off leash and doesn’t bolt away from us


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  1. ugh! snow. looks like a nice accumulation of blessings.

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