The weather is warmer and pretty much beautiful today – most of the snow is gone here in the valley, although the mountains are still dressed in white finery.

The ladies over at the POTD (PHOTO OF THE DAY) group on Two Peas in a Bucket have become an important part of my daily life – great photos of their to look at every day, nice comments from them on my blog.  It’s great, and this is for them:

J had a choir concert at school last night – it was a good experience all the way around.  Even he seemed pleased with  how it went.  And we were told by the parent of a couple of kids (twins) in his class that he is well liked – bonus!

I have heard of 4 little girls (6-8 year olds) in our town who have come down with Mono – that is so strange as I think if this as being a disease of young people, but like teens and twenties, not first and second graders.  Wierd.

We’ve made the decision to stay home for Thanksgiving – ha!  You didn’t know we were considering anything else, did you.  Traveling was considered, but costs, busy schedule at the office prior to and after the holiday and what to do with our animals were all factors in determining we needed to keep with our tradition and stay put.  It is a relief, as now I can make plans.  I’m looking for people to invite to share the festivities with us.  Cider Brined Turkey should be a temptation – let me know if you’re interested!

Tank is the friendliest dog you’ll ever meet.  Today we were at the library waiting for someone, and I took him out of the car to walk around and stretch his legs (on a leash of course).  He got loves and hugs from complete strangers.  Go figure.

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4 thoughts on “TIDBITS ON TUESDAY

  1. gorgeous back lighting you got on this shot. I think we have decided to stay home this year for Thanksgiving for a change, especially since one child won’t be coming home from college (ugh!).

    • Celine

      Canadian Thanksgiving was a couple weeks ago – so celebrated already 🙂

  2. pat

    Beautiful lighting,and really like the dusting of snow on the seed pods. My DS and his bride will be having Thanksgiving with me. 🙂

  3. We got a few flurries of snow or at least icy something but it melted when it hit. Enjoy seeing yours though. Glad Tank is fitting in well.

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