Multitudes on Monday – 10-29-12

It is that time again – it is always that time – time to give thanks to God for all the comings and goings, events and opportunities of daily life.

1467.  Successful filing of documents due to court

1468.  Time with Eva and Daniel

1469.  J working through stressful situation without extreme negative reaction

1470.  Giant’s bringing joy to J in their World Series performance

1471.  Good feedback on a comment I made on an online forum

1472.  Setting good boundaries  with someone who intimidates me

1473.  Getting to see the sunrise from home on a week day

1474.  J’s passion and excitement for karate

1475.  Visit with cousins

1476.  Games with Andy and J and the cousins and all the joy it brings

1477.  Safe travels for Andy to Dillon and Helena on storm days

1478.  Good conversations with church leaders

1479.  Time with Elizabeth W.

1480.  Dried oregano blossoms from Holly

1481.  J included in fun activity with friends from old school

1482.  Long lasting flowers from Patti

1483.  Friendship with Linda

1484.  Good health and sound mind for my father

1485.  A sense of being cared for by our friends and family – knowing we are loved

1486.  Youth group fun for J

1487.  New hood in kitchen and how great it looks

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5 thoughts on “Multitudes on Monday – 10-29-12

  1. i am always so inspired when I come and read your thankfulness. TFS

  2. Very inspirational and beautiful photos to go with them! I will have to admit to shivering a little when I saw the snow! Brrrrr, I don’t miss the Montana winters, that’s for sure!

  3. pat

    I look forward to your gratitudes…and love the way you include even the little things.

  4. Your sunflowers and hollyhocks make good subjects even when it is just the seed pods with snow on them!

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