FIVE ON FRIDAY – 10-26-2012

– one –

All photos today are of what I thought was interesting light at the house.  The first three are from Wednesday afternoon at the house – I had to dash home for a forgotten item mid-day, and the clouds were super low, but not quite fog.  Can’t see the mountains at all, but can see that yellow light glow from the clouds.  It was very cool, and the photos don’t do it justice, but that pale yellow you might catch a glimpse of just glowed!

The fourth photo was taken from the hill to the southeast of our house, looking down on our property and our neighbor’s property (this is the photo with the cows).  And the fifth photo is this morning at sunrise – we were home later in the morning than usual, and actually got to see it today.


– two –

Whew, what a week.  But we get a weekend of “normal” things at home.  That means laundry, runs in the cold mornings, sleeping in for J, maybe a few minutes (or hours) outside with my camera, cooking, cleaning, and of course watching  the Giants work to capture the World Series title – I think they just might do it again!

– three –

Just a random comment:  Could the election possibly come any sooner?  I just want the thing over and done with so we can move on.  Neither option thrills me in most of the races where I have a chance to vote, and the whole thing has become quite tedious.  Enough said.


– four –

Even though I cannot reveal the details, can I just say, there is a case of great importance to the parties, where injustice was rampant, and right now my husband is kicking something and taking names.  So proud of what he does for the down trodden.  The government agency involved is out.of.control (or at least one of their employees is) and my man is seeing to it that they get reigned in.  That is why we have a constitution in this country!

– five –

J was heard to say – just yesterday as a matter of fact – “I wish I was at karate 24/7.”  Guess he likes karate!

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4 thoughts on “FIVE ON FRIDAY – 10-26-2012

  1. pat

    Love the 3rd shot—all those fall tones and the white of the snow…wonderful! By the way, Rattlesnake Lake is named for a weed whose seed pods rattle like the snake; early settlers out here thought there were rattlesnakes (too cold and wet) so that’s why the lake and ridge have that name. No snakes…thank goodness!

  2. I adore the soft, beautiful tones in your photographs. LOVE!!

  3. I absolutely love the tone to these pictures. I am in complete agreement about the desire for this election to be done and over. It would seem like they have been campaigning for YEARS and YEARS – ugh!

  4. Yay for your hubby, love to hear it. I don’t know what you are talking of, but since there is some injustice being addressed in a court case involving friends of mine, I am imagining its the same concept and saying Rah rah!

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