This is what I imagine it looks like at home right about now (old photo that is consistent with the weather conditions).  I’m not there to confirm since I’ve been at the office since before dawn – granted, dawn comes late these days.  Can’t wait for daylight savings changes in November so we might leave the house with at least a little light in the morning.

It has been a busy and hectic last week – thus the fall off in posting for a few days.  We had guests from Thursday to Sunday (that was fun but very energy intense), a funeral to attend, two more deaths to mourn from afar (and support loved ones), and craziness at the office.  Things like clients who need medical attention that they aren’t getting in jail, client’s who are getting beat up to the point of hospitalization over refusing to give up their dessert to a bully in the jail, and other injustices keep us hopping! 

Throw in a couple of new cases (always a good thing) and the work that goes into getting to know clients, a client who has voices in his head telling him ridiculous things, but is still “sane” enough to stand trial, and a couple of folks who are just plain old high maintenance and life at the office has to be taken with a grain of laughter or we’ll be the next ones with voices in our heads! 

Love the passion God has given us for this work, but some days it is just exhausting.  Certainly draws us to rely on God to get through the day-to-day (or hour by hour).

Those issues listed above make the fog and bare trees and snow on the ground seem all the more precious – a peace from God amongst the craziness of so much . . . well, no other name for it but sin. 


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  1. pat

    Crazy life! My goodness, the stress you encounter at work…. Thank goodness you have the Gospel to turn to for peace. Love the photo…the skiff of fog in the background is the perfect touch.

  2. Wow. What an amazing photo. =)

  3. criminal law is a tough haul – sounds like you all have your hands full. Lovely shot.

    • Celine

      For some reason, can’t seem to leave a comment but can leave a reply… so love your photo and I miss the light too 🙂

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