As the rain and sleet pour down (does sleet pour?) I’m thinking these beautiful leaves are going to be wet and muck on the ground before a chance to get out and take more photos.  So there is a certain amount of “good-bye fall” going on here.

So, what is the name of the season before the snow stays, but after the leaves are gone, when the beauty will arise out of a certain starkness rather than the radiant color? 

My heart is full of thankfulness and honor for what the Lord has provided during these busy and turbulent times at home, around the office and in the world in general.

1449.  Dr. Page a resource for those who need him

1450.  Tank being such a love

1451.  Time with cousins for Jansse

1452.  Hard work out at karate being faced with joy and excitement by J

1453.  Character building that comes from doing the hard stuff

1454.  Being available to EKL when she called

1455.  Listening ear available when the need arises

1456.  Yummy meals cooked at home

1457.  New recipes making a great hit with all who tasted

1458.  Chance to check in with a few folks

1459.  Final batch of apples from the tree – picked the day before the sleet came!

1460.  Beautiful new floors

1461.  Time with Sarah J and family

1462.  New used sweater from Salvation Army

1463.  New couple in Bible Study – and so much fun to have them!

1464.  Busy week came to an end

1465.  Good relationships between our office and so many other professionals – listening to Andy on the phone with so many and knowing what could be contentious is handled with warm professionalism by him

1466.  More new clients – both appointed and private hires

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4 thoughts on “MULTITUDES ON MONDAY – 10/22/2012

  1. Beautiful scene! I would call the time past the leaves falling and the snow, late fall or early winter 🙂 I too am saying good bye to fall. Although I can still find plenty color, it is well past it’s peak and many trees are already bare.

  2. pat

    Lovely. We are entering that in-between phase, too. Some of the leaves have yet to turn, but with the advent of the fall rainy season, they may be beat off the trees before they can don their autumn coats.

  3. Margaret Evans

    Beautiful shot! The leaves here took a beating today with a huge windstorm that lasted pretty much all day. Some trees are still refusing to give theirs away, but some are now bare.

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