This set of photos are specifically for Daniel, Stacy, Danielle and Charlie – the ones who love Tank as much as we do.  The rest of you are just along for the ride today.  Sorry not all the photos are perfectly in focus or whatever, this dog does not sit still, but he is cute.

His nickname has become Tanker Tanker 109 – it is what Andy always calls him, and J and I are starting to pick up on it too.  Seems to fit him.

Oh, and by the way, don’t you love what he does to a basketball?  Everyone needs a basket ball with a 4 inch diameter hole in it.

But he does know how to play fetch – and he loves his tennis balls!

Although this particular tennis ball might be in a bit of a dangerous spot – you never do know if the ball is wet from slobber (I think that is usually the case) or something else  (I know, ewww grossssss!)

We are submitting this photo to Disney in hopes they will make a movie called “Tanker Tanker 109”  about a dog who uses his ears to fly – they did an elephant, why not a lab?

All in all, Tanker Tanker 109 is a happy dog – our neighbors, well, they aren’t so happy when he barks, so now-a-days he gets to come to work with us.  He loves being in the back of the car, and we take a tennis ball and throw it for him every couple of hours to keep him exercised.  He thinks he’s like king of the world because he rides around in his chariot with his big dog bed and some toys, and he always knows where his people are. 

So, at work, no barking – not a single one in the 7 days we have taken us with us.  He’s been to Helena with Andy for court – no barking.  He’s at the court in Bozeman right now, no barking.  He’s gone to the jail and no barking.

Leave him home, and the neighbors call to let us know he barks for hours on end.

Guess I have to get used to having a dog in the back of my car most days.

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5 thoughts on “TANKER TANKER 109

  1. Glad tank is doing well and you are finding ways to make it work out. I think the last one is my favorite.

  2. He is adorable!!!

  3. Daniel

    We miss that big dork!! But he sure looks happy!

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