I’m failing these days at getting my gratitude list posted – evidenced by the fact that I have about 100 things un-posted on my list. 
So, I sit here blogging a draft on Friday so that on Monday morning I can open up the internet, and publish with no delay.  In a sense, I’m staking out my space for this post early.  I don’t often do this, but it is the only way to make this gratitude list thing happen, and it is important to me.  Don’t worry, I’ll only post some of the highlights because it is just too many for one post.

Do you ever find yourself uncomfortable and at odds with so much in and of the world?  That is me this week – uncomfortable and not fitting in.  Seeing and hearing those around me and wondering why I can’t connect with so many of them.  Why is it that only those who share faith seem to have any value for me?  Why is that so evident this particular week?Is my world view really so different that it causes these rifts with people who are practically strangers to me?  Are people uncomfortable with me (and me with them) because my approach is somehow wrong?  Do they reject me because I deserve it and I’m offensive and I’m too mired in my own sin to know it?  Is my heart harboring some undisclosed sin that has set me on edge?  Am I just a failure at doing the right thing at the right time for the right reason and that causes strangers to reject me and offer up rudeness?

Or, is this a disconnect with the world caused by a strong connect with Jesus?  I hope that’s the answer, but I must ask further.

Are these feelings coming from the fact that when I am out and about in the world some of the folks I interact with just don’t see things the same as I don because they don’t have eyes for Jesus?  Are the priorities I have in Jesus so different from those of the world that even how to deal with a barking dog or a review of documents is approached in a profoundly different manner?

Is it okay to just go forward in what I believe is a God honoring way and allow those who are uncomfortable to go their own way?

How do I minister to those who don’t see Jesus if I just continue on with what I believe is right and good and don’t pause to know them?  But how do I know them if what I believe is so offensive to them that they won’t get to know me?

They really don’t need to get to know me, it is Jesus they need.

How do I take “I” out of the equation and make it all Jesus?

I know it is possible to reach out and honor Jesus – I must reach out to honor Jesus.  But how?  How to do that in a culture that is so inflamed with rejection of what is right in the eyes of the Lord is something I will be contemplating for a long time.

The list grows, and I thank God it does because when facing questions and contemplations the list is often my assurance that He’s right there providing what is needed when it is needed, and the same will be true of the answers to my questions – what is needed when it is needed.  Until then, hang – no cling – to the love evidence that is already here:

1383.  the match of my skills and past experiences with Andy’s current office needs – it really is amazing when all listed out.

1394.  Camping with our Bible Study families

1398.  J’s love of singing

1405.  Laughing at J’s antics – his humor

1411.  Blue birds flitting through the steam of thermals at Yellowstone – will they stay all year?

1425.  Unexpected time for art

1437.  Good progress (victories along the way) in a case with a client who needs encouragement

1443,  J and his friend playing – the sounds of their laughter and conversations

1446.  Apples from our tree making treats and sauce

1448.  Beautiful colors along the path and creek as we climb up to Lava Lake

1449.  Forgiveness for a hardened heart (and the resulting softening)

1450.  Good response to a gift given

1451.  The beginning of a new karate adventure

1452.  New clients to keep our business going

1453.  Progress on the kitchen floors

1454.  New couple/old friends to join our Bible study

1455.  Bison meat by the case with no cost to us.

1456.  Pants that fit nicely and wear well.

1457.  Andy and Daniel W.’s continued success as a racing team

1458.  J’s handling of his knee pain and the hope of a doctor’s consultation by the end of the week

1459.  Challenges in dealing with others to teach me to look to Jesus

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5 thoughts on “OH THE QUESTIONS!

  1. Beautiful words! I am constantly having to remind myself to have faith in His timing as well and it’s hard most days.

  2. Cynthia Swenson

    Some tough questions here that I’m sure God will help you with if you keep asking Him. I did keep thinking as I read your post how Paul warned us not to be unequally yoked & then he contrasted righteousness with lawlessness, light with darkness, etc.(2 Cor. 6:14) . So I’m just thinking if we work too closely with unbelievers there will be lots of conflict. Hope that helps some. Your blog is always lovely! Love & prayers, in Jesus, Cynthia

  3. when you can go to bed at peace with how you handled the day – the rest will fall in place. Peace and Love!

  4. kmarmentrout@gmail.com

    Lovely thoughts. Thanks for sharing


  5. My thoughts after reading this are to remember that Jesus didn’t save us to be rude or mean, and think we are better than others. We can totally not like the sin, and life style of sinners, but we cannot be rude, and unkind or they will NOT be seeing God’s love through us.. I was just telling someone the other day the scripture where Jesus said the greatest of these is LOVE.. We cannot ever win the world thinking without a deep love for people… God help us!!!

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