Most days I want my blog to be so profound and relevant.  So I struggle to think of something worthy of blogging about.

A lot of days I turn to my photography in hopes that as it develops it will become an example of great art through photography – again probably profound and relevant.  (Please note:  I realize I am not there yet.)

But the reality is I assess that most of my life is not profound, and is only relevant to a few people.

Then I realize that raising a child is profound and relevant.  For the whole world.  For each and every parent what they do as a parent has a profound and relevant impact on the world.  For each and every child, what their parents do is profound and relevant. 

Even in the hiking and playing and including a friend.

I know I’ll want to produce the best photographs and have something profound to say from time to time (although probably pretty rarely will I reach those goals), but for today, allowing my son to play by the side of a lake after a vigorous hike is really one of the most important things I’ve done recently.
I’m sharing this post with Rural Thursdays and This or That Thursdays  and Thursdays Favorite Things Hop – won’t you come join us?


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13 thoughts on “THIS OR THAT THURSDAY – OCTOBER 4, 2012

  1. We are all relevant in the eyes of God! Nice post n great pics

  2. My favorite photos I take are the ones of my boys. These are wonderful photos of your guys have an awesome time!

  3. Just Stopping by from thursday favorite things blog hop! Am now following!
    would love to have you stop by!

  4. Nothing profound or relevant on my blog…..and my two sons are grown. I love the images of the boys on that giant rock!

  5. Oh this is perfect there is no better thing in life more profound than spending time with the ones we love in the Nature we are so lucky to have. I love your photos. Beautiful and truly profound post. B

  6. Oh yes! Profound and relevant you are!

  7. Absolutely! Enjoy the lake!

  8. Love the shots of the boys just being boys!

  9. Boys, rocks and water. Perfect Combination!

  10. kleinworthco

    You sure have got that right!!!! Profound indeed!

  11. Doing our jobs as parents (while sometimes unpopular) has a very profound effect.

  12. Great shots.

  13. I’ve learned that it’s the little things that are really the most important to all of us because that’s what makes up our lives. Love this post. 🙂

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