Woke up this morning to snow, but camera was at the office (shame on me!).  These are from around the office, where there isn’t as much snow because of all the warm asphalt, so I was in the bushes and weeds.    There was more snow at home, but not like loads and loads (yet).



As you may recall, this is an answer to prayers for those worried about fires, and to J’s prayers.  He was super happy this morning driving down the highway towards the bus stop with snow blowing into the windshield – joyful.  He was joyful!

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  1. Elizabeth

    You get snow and we had crazy highs lately (100+). I’m ready for a little of your seasonal transitions.

  2. I recall your earlier desire for snow – and am glad for you that some came your way; but I’ve gotta admit that I am so not ready to read of, or see snow falling this early. They were talking about it on the weather channel (yep, I’ve become my mom and watch the weather channel far too much) – and it just made me cringe.

  3. Cindy A

    Wow, snow! That’s awesome.

  4. Oh wow in your case I am so thrilled you got early snow!! I am not quiet ready for it yet…. I want to spend a little more time enjoying all these beautiful, gorgeous fall colors before snow time 🙂

  5. Awesome! We hit 80 something degree here in Denver today… and they are calling for ‘snow/rain mix’ this weekend….

  6. Claire T

    I am so pleased that this will help end your fire season but it does seem really early for snow! Kee warm!

  7. Tracie

    Snow already? How beautiful!!

  8. Wow Snow! We never even had snow last year in Indiana.. My little boy was sad… Enjoy!

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