– one –

Older photos  today (except the scrapbooking below) because this has been a week where I didn’t get out to photograph.  The photos here were taken last year in October, and the first two were taken in the area now closed due to fire.  My big hope is to get out tomorrow morning early and go to an open area and get some fall photos, because the colors are starting to change, and if I don’t get out soon I’ll miss them.  So, Lava Lake is my destination, hopefully with some company along the way as I’ve invited my two favorite men to join me (eh, that would be J and Andy, not necessarily in that order, but I’ll leave you guessing on that part).


– two –

So, I was assigned a mentee at church earlier this week, and wouldn’t you know it, that is just the week when I go all haywire and have a yelling screaming breakdown – basically behaving in a way that is absolutely not mentor quality and is really quite shameful.  I’m picking myself back up (with the help of a forgiving Lord and a forgiving husband), and trying to get back on track.  What a mess I am – and I suspect most anyone in the human category could say the same, but right now my focus is on getting myself cleaned-up and ready to be more glorifying to God. 

Life is often humbling, don’t you think?

– three –

I frequently post on a scrapbooking website (Studio Calico) letting the ladies there know I’ve blogged.  And usually I feel a bit self conscious because my posts rarely include the products of my scrapbooking.

Um, that would most likely be because I don’t do much scrapbooking these days.  Heck, it took me 3 or 4 months to do the page I’m sharing here (yes, I said months, not hours, not days, not weeks, indeed months).  I am so grateful to have a dedicated scrapbook space so that a project like this can sit for months, I can pass by, re-arrange the elements, do a little technique experiment, or whatever, and then walk on to do the other things that life is demanding of me.  Thus, a 3 – 4 month page process is possible in my world.

But the good news is that after finishing this last Saturday, I quickly (well, relatively quickly) punched out a single page layout, which was completed by the end of the day on Sunday.  I’ll share it next week sometime, because it is not photographed yet.


This page was inspired by a layout I saw on the Prima Blog some time ago – so long ago I cannot find it quickly.  But I do want to say I was inspired by their blog.  With two pagers I’ve always enjoyed having a photo that crosses the center split, because I use post albums, and when installed properly, that split is barely noticeable.  It just gives such better flow to the whole layout when I do this.  But it is not everyone’s “cup of tea.” 

Anyway, I hope you enjoy this layout, particularly if you came here from Studio Calico and have noticed that I rarely blog layouts.  I’ll try to do better, but can’t make any promises.

– four –



We are so blessed to have our Bible Study families.  They are amazing.  I think I mentioned recently that we’ve been meeting with these couples in one form or another for 8+ years now.  And I have to tell you, they are just the biggest blessing to us.  We went camping with them, and yes, that was exciting and fun.  But the best part really is the weekly sharing of our lives as we study and talk about applying God’s word.  It really is the most enriching faith experience I’ve ever had.  I’ve heard some mighty good preaching in person and on the radio, but the small group experience just tops it all for me.


– five –

We were blessed recently by the gift of 24 packages (over a pound each) of ground bison – shot recently down in the Ennis area.  I don’t know about the rest of you, but that is like 2-3 months worth of red meat for our family.  Sure helps the budget out when this happens!  And it’s healthy (all natural/organic for sure).

Turns out the wealthy land owner who raises bison for the purpose of shooting it himself and letting his friends shoot them had his son take a 1600 pound guy in to be processed, and the son mistakenly had it all turned into burger, when the family prefers steaks.  Realizing it would just sit unused in their freezers (getting freezer burn) they kept some, but gave the rest to their chef, our friend Daniel, to distribute as he saw fit.  Guess who he saw fit?  Yep, we and many other families were blessed by the error of the young man.

Did I tell you Daniel is one of the men in our Bible Study group?  Yep, sure enough, he is. 

See you next week!

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5 thoughts on “FIVE ON FRIDAYS 9-28-12

  1. Margaret

    I love your scrapbook pages! You are so talented and creative.

  2. Love that masculine layout!!!!!

  3. Love the little water droplets on the first leaf shot!

  4. You have some very lovely fall shots. Hope you have a good weekend.

  5. Celine

    Love Fall – makes for perfect photos! And beautiful layout!

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