– one –

All five photos today are from last weekend’s trip to Yellowstone.  Amazing that there was so much variety to see when we really stayed in a very small corner of the park.  One thing I did do while we were there was vow to take a day or two off this winter and drive into the park for some solitude and photography.  I’ve always wanted to do that, and this year I’m determined to make it happen – maybe one trip around December 21st, and another in late January or early February.  It will be cold, but I think the thermals will be extra stunning at that time.

– two –

This week has sort of knocked us around with its busy nature.  I blogged about some unexpected bumps in the road on Monday, and those took their toll, I’m sure.  But really it was more of the constant needing to be on our toes to meet client needs this week that got us.  The past four days have just been unusually intense with what is normally a pretty intense group of clients anyway.  We are tired and really looking forward to a weekend at home, quietly recharging.  Maybe we’ll go get some wood for the winter since parts of the national forest are opened again – doesn’t that sound restful and relaxing to you?

– three –

J could use a little prayer.  He had a nagging knee pain for the last two weeks after two falls/bumps that may have caused some damage.  On Tuesday we went to the doctor for immunizations (school requires boosters right now), and talked with the doctor about the knee.  Well, he’s on crutches to see if complete rest helps it to heal.  But so far the pain is not subsiding. 

We already had x-rays which revealed only healthy bone (that is good), so if the complete rest doesn’t do the trick, we’ll be off for an MRI looking for soft tissue damage.  J’s frustrated with the crutches (they are a lot more work than he expected), and with missing out on Karate, where he was honored with an invitation to join the advanced class, which is something he has wanted for a long time.  So, prayers for a healed knee would be appreciated!

– four –

We continue to have smoke here.  This is an excerpt from today’s update on the Millie fire incident site:

The Millie Fire gained approximately 40 acres yesterday as the fire slowly progressed down slope toward the creek bottom in the east fork of the South Cottonwood drainage. The additional fire activity removed unburned vegetation between the active fire and a network of hose where firefighters plan to contain the fire.

Crews are working diligently to hold the fire in the most active area of the fire perimeter. “Everyday we have new challenges”, said Incident Commander Trainee, Jim Gunning, when referring to the harsh terrain firefighters continue to tackle on the Millie fire. Nearly 90 firefighters are stationed in three remote camps and are working to construct and reinforce fire line in the South Cottonwood drainage.

The South Cottonwood drainage is very near our house, and where we have several friends.  It is frightening that the fire got to the creek, but I am pleased to know they have a “network of hose” and a plan to contain the fire there.  Those 90 firefighters in remote camps?  Let me assure you, by “remote” they mean a full days hike in for most of us.  I’ve hiked up there, and it is brutal in some parts.  Not a lot of open fields in which to pitch a tent. 

So, the firefighters are on my prayer list too, if you don’t mind.

– five –

This last photo shows how hazy with smoke Yellowstone and this whole surrounding area is.  Much of the smoke comes from fires in Idaho, but some of it is from our local fires too. 
Have a blessed weekend – hopefully I won’t be in the office this weekend, so won’t be blogging again until Monday, when I plan to have a mega gratitude list update!

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5 thoughts on “FIVE ON FRIDAY – SEPTEMBER 21, 2012

  1. Mitzi

    These are such beautiful images! So glad that I discovered your blog! You have a way of making Yellowstone come to life! Thanks for sharing and hope you have a good weekend!

  2. pat

    Thank you for sharing these…I love Yellowstone, but don’t get there often. As I flew home from Michigan we flew over the fires in your neck of the woods, and the smoke told the story, even from several thousand feet up. Always always prayers for the firefighters!

  3. Margaret Evans

    Gorgeous photos. They almost look like they are taken on another planet or something….such interesting landscapes at Yellowstone.

  4. You have some very pretty shots here. Hope J improves and I am sorry that you are still struggling with fires and smoke. Prayers.

  5. Tracie

    Very beautiful and interesting photos!

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