I haven’t finished processing even a small fraction of the photos I took in Yellowstone over the weekend – I’ve got about 250 more to go.  But here are three just to give a taste.   (And don’t worry, I won’t bore you with all 250 over the next couple of days)

Keep in mind there are fires both in the park and around the perimeter of the park, so the conditions were smokey above and beyond the steam produced by the thermal features.

And this being the fall, Elk were predominately featured, both in their  bugles through the night, and their presence in the campgrounds and areas visitors frequent.

Hope to have more by tomorrow.
And thank you everyone for your kind words yesterday.  The day got better.  We talked with our other neighbor, who happens to be the daughter of the complaining neighbor, and she indicated that Tank does not really bark all day, and her parents were just being “fuddy-duddies” (her words, not mine).  So, we will be watchful and careful about the barking, but not feeling panicked about it at this point.  The Subaru is at the repair shop, and should be ready tomorrow.

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  1. Oh how absolutely AMAZING!!!! Thank you for sharing these!

  2. pat

    very nice! Can’t wait to see more. I have those Rotten Elk going through my yard; they lose their charm very quickly.

  3. Margaret Evans

    Such gorgeous shots. I love Yellowstone. It’s been several years since I’ve visited. Seeing your shots makes me want to go again!

  4. I am enjoying seeing your Yellowstone Pictures! Glad things got better.

  5. Great landscape shot in #1 and those Elk would make me a little nervous. We have loads of deer, but even the large ones pale in comparison.

  6. Celine

    Can’t wait to see more!! Beautiful shots!

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