It has been awhile since I had a day that felt more like a monster day than anything.  Today one has come to visit – or so it seems at almost 9:30 a.m.  Nothing too terrible, just issues that I wasn’t expecting.

Started with the car breaking down in the driveway this morning – inside the gate, which is better than outside the gate, and certainly better than out on the road.  The clutch just stopped working.  We knew it was going, but were told by the repair guy that the issue with the annoying noise wouldn’t leave us stranded anytime soon.  That was about 10 days ago.  I guess my idea of soon and his were different.  So we towed the car out-of-the-way, crammed into the truck, and took J to school since by that time we’d certainly missed the bus.

While trying to arrange the car situation (read connect the tug’em strap to the two vehicles) we got a call from the neighbor that Tank had barked all weekend while we were away, and oh, by the way, he barks everyday while we are at work too, thus ruining their peaceful days.  So now desperately seeking solutions and trying not to imagine this as a problem that can’t be fixed.  May have to kennel him all day in the house while we are gone, and that would make us sad – he so loves being out and about and a big part of why we got him was so he could be out and about.  But we can’t have him barking all day, and a “bark collar” is not something we are instantly comfortable with.  Just for those of you who wouldn’t know – his bark is so loud you fear hearing loss if you are within 15 feet of him.

In dealing with the car and the truck and the towing out of the way and the call about the dog, somehow I left my camera at home, meaning all my photos from Yellowstone National Park over the weekend are at home, not here at the office so I can process and post some of them.  That is just a delay, not a forever loss, but it was a disappointment to this lady who was looking forward to seeing if what she got is as good as she hopes – at least a couple of them.  So, instead you are looking at photos taken over the last three weeks that hopefully I haven’t shared before and just forgotten.

Also left at home – the gratitude journal, so this will not  be a listing day, even though I got it all prepared last night so I could keep the list going.  And right now, I could use a list of things to be thankful for.

So, here I am trying to arrange a week around the assumption that we will be in one vehicle at least for a couple of days.  And to get the car towed to the repair shop will take a bit of coordinating, because I don’t think the tow guy will go out to the house and deal with the dogs unless one of us is there.  I suspect we are going to be a lot of out of the ordinary miles in that big gas guzzling truck while the fuel efficient Subaru gets a new clutch.  Don’t even ask me what this does to the budget, because frankly, I don’t want to go there.

And just because I am stubborn and want a gratitude list here even if it is a Monster Monday, here are some things I can think of to be thankful for – there are probably a lot more, but I can think of these pretty quick here:

  • J got to school on time today
  • We had a great weekend in Yellowstone with the other families from our Bible Study Group
  • I got the dishes washed before we left the house today, so won’t be greeted by dirty breakfast dishes when we get home.
  • Tank really is a love of a dog, and we really can kennel him, or bring him to work leaving him in the car and walking him throughout the day, or some other solution, so the fear that we might have to give him away is a useless waste of my time.
  •  Church service last night was very good – love the singing/worship under this new leader
  • Ann’s post today is perfect for me – sinking into an ocean of grace.
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9 thoughts on “MONDAY? OR MONSTER DAY?

  1. pat

    So sorry that you are having One of Those Days…ugh. Can’t avoid ’em, just have to survive them. I really like the second to last photo with that delicious backlighting. Nice! Looking forward to a trip to Yellowstone “with you” soon.

  2. Oh, but you do take lovely photos! Saying a prayer right now that God provides that clutch money. Thank you for visiting my blog today.

  3. Ah, these days do happen. But you found your thanks in the midst of it anyway. Good for you and a blessing to we who get to read it. 🙂
    I can relate to the dog stuff. My, sweet, precious pup has aggression issues towards strangers. We continue to work with him, training him in manners and around people. We use a muzzle when he is going to socialize with new people. He, too, is a love of a dog….. sometimes you just do what you have to do to make the situation work. I say all that hoping to be an encouragement. There are solutions that don’t have be ‘unthinkable’.


  4. Praying for you and your day and coming week. I too have had one of those days. I am thankful our God is merciful and full of grace.

  5. Stacy

    So sorry Tank is causing some frustration. I am pretty convinced that he is just announcing to the world everthing he sees… like a sportscaster… “and the bird is up in the air, he swoops, he dives, he comes in for a graceful landing on the fencepost! That is truly an example of pure athleticism! I give it a ten! Now to you Jim, for the highlights of the gopher race.” (He switches the tone of his bark a little) “This is Jim reporting from the gopher olympics where the little guy with the black stripes just made a headline winning run into the hole narrowly escaping the claws of the neighborhood hawk…”

    In all seriousness, I think he would do ok just being left in the house as long as there was nothing edible within reach. He loves to to chew on bones, tennis balls and those rubbery toys (the only ones that will last more than 45 seconds are the West Paw ones). As long as he has entertainment and a pillow he should be ok. You could put a dog door between the house and garage but it would have to be so big you would probably lose half your door! 😉

    Love you guys! Praying for you and hoping all the trouble of today is resolved easily and quickly.

  6. Oh, those days! Wonderful to get through them with grace and a sense of humor, though, isn’t it? We once had a neighbor with a dog barking problem. They didn’t want to use the bark collars that give a zap, so they used a bark collar that released some sort of herbal scent every time the dog barked. I don’t remember what the herb was, but apparently it is pleasant to humans but dogs hate it. They would use the collar when they were gone for the day and the dog associated wearing the collar with not barking. When the collar wasn’t on, she barked as much as she wanted. It may be work a Google search…
    Bless you,

  7. Margaret Evans

    When it rains, it pours, right? Sorry for the frustrations you’ve faced today, but I really loved how you were able to find the positives in everything that happened. Sometimes that is so hard to do. Hope things go better the rest of your week!

  8. Oh so sorry to hear you have had a rough day. I pray God will give you strength, grace and wisdom to deal with the new challenges. So glad you could still come up with a “Gratitude” list. I wonder what is making Tank bark and if it will dimish when he becomes accustomed to all the new sounds.

    I like the closeup of the apple leaves and the fuzzies!

  9. Oh yes… one of those days. It is so wonderful to find the gifts in days like this though, isn’t it?! Tank is so sweet! 🙂

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