If I caught the list up completely there would be over 100 things to include here – that is too many for one post.  So I’m just giving highlights for the couple of weeks.  Hope you don’t mind.

  • Successes in the office (trials won, settlements made in our client’s favor, the government held to appropriate standards as it intervenes in people’s lives;
  • J getting his first animal (Rough Neck Grouse) while hunting;
  • Less smoke from the fires than when they first started;
  • No homes lost to the Millie fire so far and that it continues to burn, but within the bounds of where it has already been, so it is not growing in size;
  • Clouds making the skies beautiful;
  • J’s confidence in himself is building;
  • Expensive car repair does not have to be done immediately – we have time to save up;
  • Baby born early is doing well;
  • Encouraging words from many sources;
  • Beautiful things to take photos of;
  • Learning to use speed lite off camera and other improvements in photography skills;
  • Squeaky noises from the Red Shafted Flickers down by the river;
  • Youth group joy for J
  • Opportunities (multiple) for J and Andy to spend time together
  • August was a very productive month at the office – and busy too!
  • Prayers answered within  hours of making them
  • New worship leader at church is talented beyond expectations and worship is enhanced!
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One thought on “THE LIST IS LONG!

  1. Celine

    Love your list!!

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