– one –

I know for many folks in different areas of the country summer is going strong.  Hot, humid, really no sign of fall except the marketing materials that are out for Halloween and back to school.  But here, fall really does start on the First of September – even the weather man on the local news was saying so, but he calls it the “meterlogical start of fall.”  Whatever you call it, the temps went from high 90’s the last week of August to high 90’s starting last Saturday (the first of September).  I like that!

– two –

Tank and J think that Tank should switch from his kennel to J’s bed for sleeping at night, but we mean old parents (more this mean old mom) say “NO!”  He needs to be in his kennel, isn’t that right Aunt Stacy and Uncle Daniel?

– three –

This photo is from Saturday morning, after we got that rain.  But we’ve had some frosts this week – told you it is getting cooler here – so the apples are just about ready for picking.  We’ve got a couple of friends to share them with because there are more than I can use in a timely fashion.  Mostly I’ll be making applesauce.


– four –

With those frosts, I’m having to cover up the basil and carrots each night.  This is something I usually fail at – forget one night and lose all the plants quickly.  I’m thinking another week or so and I’ll pull all the basil and freeze some pesto.  It wasn’t a bumper crop year for basil, but we did okay.  I’d like to have more next year so I can freeze a lot of pesto.

– five –

Theoretically we are getting some improvements to our house (new flooring and some new wall treatments) starting this weekend, but the guy who is doing it has flaked before, so I’m not holding my breath.  But I do  hope it happens because what is coming is going to be good.
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3 thoughts on “FIVE ON FRIDAY – SEPTEMBER 7, 2012

  1. I vote sticking with the kennel – better safe than sorry. Absolutely love that last shot – perfect!

  2. Margaret Evans

    Great shots. I especially love the first and last ones…so gorgeous!

  3. Celine

    Would love some apples in my backyard!!! And love that last shot!

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