It is smokey again today (and yesterday), but the fire is 10% contained, and the wind is supposed to be calm today, with moderate but dry weather.  As I understand it, the next couple of days could be ripe for fire growth because of the warm dry conditions. 

I’m tired of taking photos of the smoke, so I’m just posting these from Saturday morning after the rain and I hope you enjoy them.



You might be getting the impression I like pink Hollyhocks.  Probably true.



But I also like the view off our back deck even though it shows how weedy and grassy I’ve let the flower garden get over the years.


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5 thoughts on “SIMPLE POST TODAY

  1. All three are gorgeous!

  2. Valerie Bishop

    Beautiful photos! And wht a view!!

  3. Love, love the view from your back deck. That spot would be great for wildflowers. I have a friend who has a “wild” yard as she calls it. She plants wildflowers and mows paths thru them…. kind of like a design… separates it into sections… and just lets it grow till fall then mows them down and starts over in the spring. It draws lots of butterflies and bees and the varitey of flowers is great for photo ops.

  4. Love the view out back – very nice.

  5. Um . . . the weeds was not the first thing I noticed about your yard. It was a little thing called . . . THE VIEW!!!!! Wow! So beautiful! And I like pink hollyhocks, too!

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