And I am struck by how happy and relaxed he was for the very rushed “first day of school” photos we took with just seconds to spare.  Doesn’t he look like a kid who is having some fun?  He was nervous, but in a normal way.

When I compare to last year’s first day of school photo and how tense he looked once again the decision to change schools was affirmed.  I thank God for continuing to leave no doubt in our minds that we did the right thing by changing his school situation.


We are still on high alert from the fire.  It grew from under 1000 acres yesterday morning to 10,000 acres by yesterday afternoon.  It is producing lots of smoke, and traveling our direction.  Here is an article that will give information from late last night and a photo of the terrain it is consuming. 

0% contained is not particularly encouraging, and today is another Red Flag Warning day in South West Montana. 

Lots of praying is going on.

The smoke has us indoors as much as possible.  But not Tank!  He’s all for playing outside in the smoke.

That basket ball is his favorite thing.  He tried to sneak it into his kennel the other night, but we got wise to his ways and put it back outside where it belongs.

Just in case the fire isn’t producing enough particulate matter in our air, Tank felt it was a good idea to kick up a little dust.

Gotta love a joyful dog!

By the way, while Tank was playing like that Leo was sitting wondering to himself where all that energy comes from.

I’m linking up with This Or That Thursdays on Deb’s blog and Rural Thursdays on Nancy’s blog.  Come join us.

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12 thoughts on “THIS OR THAT THURSDAY – AUGUST 30

  1. Oh – I do love joyful dogs! Maybe his lack of concern is a good sign? I’m wishing you the best of luck.

  2. Linking up after you at This or That Thursday – such beautiful photos! Praying for safety during the fires …

  3. Hope they get the fire under control soon! Love the first day of school pics!

  4. Be safe, and you’re doing the right thing by staying indoors as much as possible! A large fire close by is horrible! Not only smoke but also ashes! A few years ago when all those fires were burning in CA, I had to do my exercise walk else where for a week, because one gets breathing and throat problems.

  5. Great pics! I love the dog and the basketball. He reminds me of a German Shepherd that we lived with once. That dog did the same thing to soccer balls.

  6. pat

    Yes, dogs are the best, and they bring such joy into our lives, just by being. I pray for your continued safety. The blue hills resulting from the smoke haze are lovely; it’s just too bad that the cause of them is so worrisome for so many.

  7. There’s a fire in NE Oregon that’s reached more than 65,000 acres now. It’s along the Snake River across from Idaho (and Washington to the north)…. fortunately, it’s basically in wilderness area. I hope your son has a wonderful school year!

  8. Great photos. I hope the fire is contained soon.

  9. Yeah for a good start to a new school year. I am sorry to read that you all are still dealing with fires. My thoughts and prayers that this soon comes to an end. Love the shots of the dog.

  10. Valerie Bishop

    Fabulous photos! Stay safe and I hope the fire gets out soon!

  11. Sorry to read the fires are still burning so close. Hopefully they are out sooner and you can get back to a normal routine.


  12. The smoke would be something I could not tolerate with my asthma. I do hope they make progress on this fire so you can enjoy the outdoors again.

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