There is a fire burning about 7 miles south of our home – started yesterday afternoon.  This photo is from yesterday evening.  It is known as the “Millie” fire, don’t ask me why, because I don’t know what gives it the name.  The news report said it is burning in dense brush and dead wood area (probably a lot of beetle killed trees out there) making it a pretty hot fire. 

It grew from 500 acres yesterday to 700 overnight, but the winds are expected to be pretty bad this afternoon until midnight so it could grow exponentially in a matter of a few hours.  The prevailing winds will blow it our general direction.

Eleven years ago there was a fire in this same area and it traveled 7 miles in a day.  That was the year before we moved here, but folks who were experienced that are pretty worried.

We are probably safe, but we have friends who are packing their stuff up and putting it in our basement – they know that we are probably safe but not necessarily guaranteed safe.  We’ve got relatively green grass for a good 20 feet around our home, and we don’t have any dead trees or brush within a good several hundred feet – although as you get out away from the house, the fields are pretty dry and flames would whip through that area, probably threatening our old barn and chicken house.  Still I think it is good defensible space for our home.

It certainly puts all things into perspective.  If we have to go, I’d be ready – grab my son and husband, and the pets and drive away.  Everything left behind is just stuff waiting to rot over time anyway.  Yeah, some of it is stuff I like pretty well, but can’t say any of it would be worth hanging around in a danger zone for.  For practical purposes, I expect I’ll put together a box of important papers (birth certificates, insurance policies, that kind of stuff), and put it in the back of the car for storage here at the office until the fire is gone.  We have insurance (just in case anyone was wondering).

But again, it is unlikely it wouldn’t be stopped before it got to our home – a lot of others would lose their homes if it got to us, some of whom are my good friends.

I’m thinking this is going to be a looming cloud in our life for at least the next 10 days or so – no rain in the forecast, although it is supposed to cool down (thus the high winds until midnight). 

Obviously, we could use your prayers.

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2 thoughts on “TRYING NOT TO WORRY

  1. Oh no I sure hope they get the fire stopped soon. Be safe.

  2. Pat French

    Prayers certainly! We just had a really bad fire just the other side of the pass from us….this long dry summer is hurting everyone. Here’s praying for safety for you and your neighbors.

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