There is so much beauty all around us, and I can hardly stand to think how much I take for granted – never acknowledge, don’t remember it is put there for my enjoyment.  But these simple flowers that grow tall and prolific in my garden in the late summer are my reminder.  I know a woman who thinks they are weeds, and it just goes to show that even the weeds in life are worthy of gratitude.

So, I’ll continue my list:

1247.  Successful boys camp out

1248.  Grocery needs fitting into the planned grocery budget

1249.  Great talk with J when driving back from Salt Lake City

1250.  J’s ability to stand for his faith when confronted by those who do not believe

1251.  Andy’s hard work

1252.  Good haircut for J – no tears this time because he doesn’t like the result

1253.  Photo opportunities

1254.  Clean kitchen

1255.  Mice caught in traps and disposed of my Andy

1256.  Feeling good about school start that is approaching

1257.  Downtown art galleries with J

1258.  Big Sky Journal enjoyment – free copy gave me a months entertainment

1259.  Baptisms at the ponds

1260.  J’s social success at the karate picnic when he was so afraid of not connecting with anyone

1261.  Reliable car when Andy has so much work travel to do

1262.  Spanish rice recipe J will eat and works with brown rice – healthy!

1263.  Free car show for boys to enjoy

1264.  Basil growing in my garden and resulting pesto

1265.  no panic when there was a bat in the house

1266.  No bat in the house anymore

1267.  Deadlines met

1268.  Long hours are a source of income

1269.  J’s  appreciation for my minimal crocheting skills

1270.  Inspiration from biography of Bonhoeffer

1271.  J’s love of Christian music and music in general – amazing how he knows the words to all the songs on the radio!

1272.  Increase in overall family sense of humor

1273.  Family  hike

1274.  Kitten tails in the fields

1275.  Fishing is fun eve if we didn’t catch anything

1276.  Friends who let me practice photography

1277.  Working in God’s Garden

1278,  Seeing J mature in some new ways

1279.  People we love to Bible Study with

1280.  J’s awe of big cities

1281.  Continued confidence in school decision

1282.  Flowers in my weedy garden

1283.  Trust shown through confidence shared

1284.  J”s continued interest in mission work

1285.  Information about artist Jenny Lowe, and J’s connection to her husband

1286.  Hollyhocks

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  1. The hollyhocks are just full of themselves and very beautiful.

  2. They are beautiful! I never knew the name of them. Now I do 😉

  3. Cynthia Swenson

    Oh, I love the hollyhocks also! They are grand & huge & strong & hardy! Love & prayers, in Jesus, Cynthia

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