– one –

We had a family hike/fishing adventure on Sunday after church.  All photos today are from that time together.  It was indeed an adventure in the Crazy Mountains.  Wouldn’t you know it, we followed the wrong trail – weren’t lost because we always knew how to get to the car from where we were, but J was a bit worried.  After an hour in the wrong direction we got back on the right trial, and still had time to hike and fish in a beautiful spot.  But it was hard work – hot day, steep trail.

– two –

Only one week left before school starts – these photos do have that end of summer theme, I think.  J says he not looking forward to going back to school, but I think maybe he really is just a tad bit excited.  He actually emailed a friend that he is excited.  Mostly I think he just wants to be with other kids all day long.  After three months his parents are pretty boring!

– three –

The funny little flowers are called Kitten Tails.  J looked them up for me earlier in the week.  There were all over the place once we got on the real trail during our hike on Sunday.  I think they look like little fairy heads in the grass with hair all messy and blowing in the wind – think Spiderwick Chronicles and you might get what I mean.

– four –

Speaking of kitten tails, I think (not sure, but think) our little Sophie cat is going to have some kittens.  She has a symptom that is supposed to be a sure thing, but I don’t want to get my hopes up.  And even if she does have a litter, because of her petite stature, the vet has said she probably would only have one or two.  I would like her to have one small litter and then be fixed.  I think the experience of having animal birth and watching the babies develop would be good for J (and his heart for all things living and cute would just burst with joy to have that experience).  But I haven’t told him that I think babies are coming yet.  Want to wait until I’m more sure.

– five –

This morning J and Andy saw a poor little starling stuck in the power line – it’s foot was caught at a place where two lines come together, and it was hanging upside down.  Pretty sure it was a juvenile bird as they have been practicing that unified flying they adults do (the juveniles are pretty poor at it, making it just look like a bunch of crazy birds out there flying in all different directions). 

Anyway, the little bird’s leg was stuck and my two guys ran, got a pole, covered the end with a soft cloth, climbed out onto the roof, and helped to free the poor guy. 

Now, I just want to say, that if they had not done that, the bird would have died for sure.  But, unfortunately, when they freed the bird, it left behind one of its legs.  I know, gross, but really, it flew off, and at least has a chance of surviving (I’ve seen one-legged birds in the wild before).  Very sad, but not as sad as the certain death from hanging upside down from the wire outside our bedroom window.  I’ll chose to think that it will be one-legged but otherwise healthy.

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2 thoughts on “FIVE ON FRIDAY – AUGUST 17, 2012

  1. Stunning! The beauty and struggles in the world around us. Way to go for helping that poor bird, but at least he left with his life intact. Cheers!

  2. Love the kitten tails as well as all the adventures you and J have on your travels.

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