To entertain himself yesterday while home alone, J took these photos out the living room window of an Eastern King bird chick in the sunflowers.  He also took videos of its momma coming to feed it, but those take up too much room to upload here.

I love that when lacking something to do, he would use a camera to entertain himself – so like his momma!  As I understand it, he also rode his bike quite a bit, waved to Daniel W. who was riding by at break-neck speed, cooked himself a lunch, and did his chores.  Not too bad for a guy home a lone.

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  1. good for him – and you. I love that my son shares my interest in photography. and doing it can rarely get them into trouble – a win win!

  2. What a cute capture. Fun

  3. Amazing pictures! I’d like to invite you to post some of the great pictures you often share here to my new photography link-up. This is the first week and it just went live. It is a photo show and tell where we can come together, and share the images and stories from our lives.

    I’d love it if you could join!

    It is open until Tuesday, so join when you can!

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