– one –

I’ve been working on some portrait photos the past few weeks and all of these photos are some of my effort.  I really like this kind of work and hope to do more and more of it, but it is a challenge – in a good way, but still a challenge.  So many details to get right consistently.

Some of them are several months old, it is just taking me a while to share them.

I am realizing that I’m doing a lot of head hots – need to add some other variety into my collection.

Also, notice that none of these folks are from my household.  I think my two guys have tired of being my practice subjects.  So I’m moving on, although I hope to get a good session with J after he gets a hair cut next week – we’ll see if he’s willing or if I can find the right bribe.

– two –

My running has taken a turn for the worst – I have something going on with my lower right leg and cannot seem to run more than a mile or two before it hurts so bad I have to stop.  This is not good – and certainly not consistent with training for a 1/2 marathon in 4 weeks.  So, I’m having to take that event off my calendar and focus on getting my leg healthy before I plan anything else.  But I’m not giving up on running.  Just have to figure out what is needed to get this issue resolved.

– three –

Summer is too entirely quick to approach its end.  We have too many things we didn’t do yet.  Fun things like camping and fishing and swimming and hiking.  So I’m putting in my order for an extra two months of summer this year – like a repeat of July and August only hopefully with some rain and cooler temps.  So far, no reply from the powers that be on that, so don’t get your hopes up.

– four –

I think I’m in need of a little attitude adjustment today – away from the negative.  It is one of those days where it is a real effort to find something positive to think about.  But really, there is no big crisis or problem hanging over my head, so no excuse for this.  Time to get my thoughts focused on what is good and right and honoring to God.

– five –

Hoping for a weekend of fun with our boy, who is still exhausted from his traveling.  Lots to do around the house, but we really want to take some time to relax and enjoy each other too.  Maybe some time down at the river and a hike or two.  Gotta use this time wisely because school is fast approaching!

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2 thoughts on “FIVE ON FRIDAY – AUGUST 10th

  1. Wow! You found a LOT of willing victims! It’s great that you’ve gotten so much chance with this! I’m sorry for the less than stellar start to the day though & hope it’s been going better. (This is Jill from 2peas btw – I have NO IDEA what account this is, but it seems to be letting me log in! 🙂 )

  2. Celine

    Beatiful shots – I especially love the couples shot!

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