So much to be grateful for – every breath, every kind word, every bit of scripture that assures me and comforts me.  Still my heart often takes it all for granted.  It takes effort, but I love the process of reminding myself to be thankful to God for all the special things He puts in my life – and they are all special.

Here’s the continuing list that doesn’t even begin to scratch the surface of the many blessings!

1223.  Ducklings crossing the road

1224.  Bunnies running along the overhang of the bushes

1225.  A Saturday morning bike ride with my true love

1226.  J’s bravery in flying alone

1227.  Peace after serious discussion

1228.  Successful 1/2 Iron Man

1229.  New cases for the law office

1230.  Improvement in J’s handwriting

1231.  Safe day of many miles traveled

1232.  Evening walk

1233.  Laughing at ourselves

1234.  Finding dead trees blown down by the wind when we went to get firewood – job made easier

1235.  Sunflowers blooming outside living room window

1236.  Lunch and conversation with Roberta

1237.  Affirmation in an area of shaky confidence

1238.  School supplies on hand that meet the list requirement

1239.  The way a mother’s heart misses her son

1240.  J’s fierce independence making adventures possible for him.

1241.  Support for a difficult decision made

1242.  Provision always made for us

1243.  Lots of apples on our tree

1244.  Late season wild flowers

1245.  Phone call with J from far away.

1246.  Anticipation of J’s return.

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  1. Gratitude for the simple things makes the heart swell. Lovely floral shots.

  2. These are wonderful macros and I love your list of simple grateful things.


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