– one –

All photos on today are from my garden this morning.  It was an overcast morning, allowing a focus on the deep colors of the flowers.

– two –

We’re going to a wedding today, which means I got a new skirt and blouse – on clearance  plus an additional 60% off, and Andy said I can go back and get the earings that were also on sale.  So fun!

– three –

J hates being alone while Andy and I are at work.  We get him at least two days a week with a friend or some other activity, but he still hates it. 

So he calls us. 

Like five or six times a day. 

Just to talk. 

I love him, but sometimes that feels like a bit much. 

Then again, I’m not the one home alone all day.

Now he’s starting to talk about how nice it will be to get back into school – ah, a new reason to be motivated for school.  I might like this.

But I still wish he didn’t have to be so lonely.

– four –

I think the bee in that flower above (and the one below) is passed out drunk on the nectar.  I just learned this was actually possible.  Drunk bees.  Who knew.

– five –

HERE is a link to an idea I think is super cool – playing with paint powder for a photo shoot.  You’ll have to scroll down in the post six or eight photos, but you’ll see. 

Wouldn’t that make a fun Christmas card with a family wearing jeans and white shirts.  I just think it is a hoot. 

If you are interested in doing that, live near SW Montana, let me know, I’m  willing to give that a try!  Of course, I’m not quite the photographer that Tiffany is, but I could learn and practice.

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3 thoughts on “FIVE ON FRIDAY JULY 27, 2012

  1. Very cool shots! I love the macro of the bee in the flower.

  2. These are absolutely beautiful I love the sunflowers.

  3. Beautiful!!! (And I love the drunk bee!)

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