Went for a walk while the tires were being rotated on the Subaru yesterday, and on the sunny hot afternoon I found this bug.  Gave me a chance to take some pictures of “blue” for a July challenge to have two tones of blue in a photo subject – I think there are at least two tones of blue in this car, don’t you.

I did play with some PSE features – this next photo demonstrates the use of soft light:

It was fun to fiddle a little bit (and a luxury to have that time).

This is my submission for This or That Thursday over at Deb’s blog.

And it is the perfect reflection of  how the rural influence of our state impacts even a small city like Bozeman – you know, the whole cars parked off in the bushes for years and years thing that happens in so many rural communities – so I’ll through it out there for Rural Thursdays as well.

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14 thoughts on “THIS OR THAT THURSDAY

  1. Pat

    What a great find! I love stuff like that…and yes, there are multiple shades of blue in this old Beetle. Love the idea of a Rural Thursday…can’t wait to see what you find!

  2. That is great! Most certainly many fades of blue in that find.

  3. Oh I always love coming across something special tucked away from the eye of busy people to busy to notice. Great shot and fiddling. B

  4. Love the pictures of the bug. I am sure that there are more than two blues in that baby. Great shots!

  5. great shots of that slug bug!

  6. Poor little abandoned bug!

  7. SLUG BUG!!!

    what a cool little teasure to find.

  8. I love the first picture!

  9. Nice capture for the blue contest – neat find.

  10. My MIL has a yellow bug (old like this) but it used to be blue. Love these old bugs. Excellent captures. Thank you. 🙂

  11. Celine

    Love bugs!! Especially the old ones!

  12. What a fun find, I love the old bugs.

  13. Kelly

    Love shooting old and deserted cars like this.

    Nicely done.


  14. i love these old cars … so great. (:

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