A few days late for Ann’s connections, but it has been that kind of week already – not bad, just full and hectic.

But there is much to be thankful for, and this list is only a small fraction of the appreciation needed to capture all that God gives to me and my family.  So let the listing begin:


1185.  Visit with Grandpa Gary

1186.  Beauty underground as we looked at the Lewis and Clark caverns

1187.  Rain to help keep things from being so dry.

1189.  Meeting a couple of new women at a meeting – and wanting to spend more time with them.

1190.  Peace for J.

1191.  A phone call with a good Christian lady for J and its reassuring impact on him – thank you God for Holly.

1192.  New connection with a karate mom

1193.  Time on the phone with my sister Elizabeth – and her new job.

1194.  Time in person with my friend Elizabeth.

1195.  People at church I wanted to introduce my dad to – friends of great value.

1196.  Grandpa shooting with Andy and J – guns, bows, and arrows.  What cold make a better visit among the men.

1197.  J’s good attitude about ever-changing plans

1198.  A husband who loves the Lord, and recognizing how much of a blessing that is.

1199.  Sunflowers blooming earlier than I expected.

1200.  Big puffy white clouds against the deep blue field of the sky

1201.  Great worship music in church this week.

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