I’m linking up with some other lovers of photography today for the first time today with This and That Thursdays.  Looks like it could be a lot of fun and what I saw from them last week was really really great stuff.   I’m sure I’ll spend far more time than I really should looking at the photos from all the others who are hooking up there.

I love this photo – after all, he’s my beloved, and I love him.  But I also love what it says about some of the simple pleasures in life – because it is also super simple Thursday.  Sitting on the back porch talking to your mom on the phone while lovin’ on your big ol’ black dog.  Now, that is a great way to spend part of a summer evening!

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  1. Love this photo and you have gotten a great depth of field on this. Also, you have captured “summer” and the simple pleasures. Love the logs! thank you for stopping by my blog also and your kind comment. Enjoy joining in today!

  2. That is a perfect place to spend a summer evening!

  3. Fab photo; it is the sort that tells a story – a beautiful moment captured.

  4. Looks very natural – man and his dog, the phone not as much; but when you mention he is on the phone with his mom – why it’s All American. Great capture.

  5. Thanks for stopping by and linking up this week with photo a day. Just to let you know I featured your photo

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