It has been a while since I posted a gratitude list – the computer is at the office, the gratitude journal is at home, and at times it seems never the two shall meet.  But this morning I have both here in front of me at the office and a few minutes to toy with them.

The list is supposed to post on Mondays for Multitude on Mondays over at Ann’s blog, but I’m thinking I’ll get enough grace from that crowd to post on a Tuesday.  So, with utmost thanks to God for all the items, here is the list:

1143.  Lower winds to help fire fighters

1144.  Less smoke from fires

1145.  J being so grown up at karate testing

1146.  J earning his blue belt and the way he takes that so seriously

1147.  J’s friendship with S

1148.  Elizabeth W willing to speak into my life

1149.  Ingredients to make homemade salsa at dinner

1150.  Sideways nest can still protect 4 eggs

1151.  Family walk in the evening

1152.  The process of working out plans

1153.  Andy’s legal victory for a very challenging client and DPHHS being put in their place after behaving arrogantly

1154.  J saying “I wish I had karate tonight . . . because I love it.”

1155.  Paid work for J.

1156.  New job for EKB

1157.  nectarines

1158.  J helping out at a friends house

1159.  Anther mom seeing how joyful J can be

1160.  Honest discussion with Andy about parenting issues

1161.  backgammon with J

1162.  Poppies growing wild in my yard

1163.  Lots of apples on the tree

1164.  conversation with Holly

1165.  Chance to talk with Camille

1166.  Running into friends while running errands in town – our town being small enough for that to happen

1167.  J and Andy exercising together

1168.  Something we need available second-hand

1169.  Running up Yonders

1170.  J helping with groceries without being asked

1171.  Tana purring away at the foot of our bed

1172.  J completing a big project and earning his camp

1173.  Beads from my boy to wear around my neck

1174.  Wild lupine along the roads as I run

1175.  Afternoon rain to refresh the garden

1176.  Squash and veggies over rice and beans

1177.  Leo’s goofball behaviors

1178.  J getting a spot at camp

1179.  Watching J in karate – sparring with Sensei Brian

1180.  Wild flowers along Spanish Creek

1181.  Already owning fly fishing gear

1182.  J’s feet are growing (bought shoes 17 days ago, need bigger ones now)

1183.  Veggie dinner

1184.  Tee Tree oil on my toe nails

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  1. Beautiful photos and a lovely list! I especially love the little yellow flower.

  2. Pat French

    What a great list. I find that once I start counting my blessings, I realize that I have more than I can possibly count. The Lord is SO good to us, isn’t He?

  3. Little things can add up to peace and joy. Congratulations to your son on his many accomplishments among this list.

  4. Celine

    Love your gratitude posts! I keep thinking I should do that too!

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