That flower above looked like this just 12 hours before:

Amazing what God can do in a day, don’t you think!


Prayers are needed for my good friend Jennifer who survived Leukemia several years ago when it didn’t look like she would.  Just today I found out the dreadful disease is back and she is rushing to Seattle – should be there by now.  The tools for treating the disease are possibly limited because they used so many of them a couple of years ago to save her life.  She, her husband and her two young daughters could really use your prayer. 

I have not lost hope because it is amazing what God can do – see photos above – so who knows what design He has for this situation.  But I am also humbled by the realization that He may very well want her with Him sooner rather than later, and that is a hard reality to deal with.

Thank you for your prayers!


It has been hot and dry here, and everyone is getting their hay cut early – hoping for enough moisture to come along for a second and possibly a third cut this year.   It may be that our crop this year will not even get cut – it dried out so fast that we may have lost it before the cutter guy could get to our little postage stamp sized field.  Life of a farming family is so unpredictable!

The fire danger is way up, but that comes with the territory.


We had a good celebration of Independence Day with friends and good fellowship and water play and a huge fireworks display to top off the evening.


This boy worked hard and earned both his first camp and his hunter’s safety.  He’s got time to earn his second camp.  I think he’s learning some lessons, but perhaps more importantly, I’m learning some lessons too – and some things that I did wrong in the past that I’m paying for now.

Anyway, he’s pretty happy/joyful in general, so moving dirt piles around, separating out the rocks, and doing hard work didn’t break his spirit or otherwise ruin him for life – my deepest fears.

And here’s a bonus photo (or 2) of him and his friends last weekend in the 90+ degree heat running balloons all around the Cowboy Mounted Shooting course earning $85 each for two days of grueling work.


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2 thoughts on “FIVE ON FRIDAY – JULY 6, 2012

  1. Is that a poppy? Nature is amazing. As for your son, good for him learning the value of a hard day’s work – something too many youth today do not understand. Prayers for your friend and her family and for your family and a plentiful crop.

  2. Celine

    So sorry for your friend. Will keep her in my thoughts. Love the flower shot!

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