I have a lot of weeds in my life.  Both the literal kind in the yard – especially in my flower garden, which is 75%  weeds and a bit of an embarrassment – and the not so literal kind which are even more embarrassing.

I try to do the necessary maintenance to keep them under control – plucking and pulling, identifying and digging.  Sometimes it helps for a short while, but they always seem to return, often with a deeper root than I want to believe is possible.


Sometimes I can almost convince myself that the weeds are okay – maybe even beautiful.  And you know what, sometimes they are a bit on the pretty side, at least temporarily.

But in the long run, they always show themselves for what they really are, unwelcome invasions of something not good and healthy for me or my yard.

After all, the Jesus tells us that the weeds choke out that which is good.  Seeds planted among the weeds start to grow, but don’t meet their potential because they are choked out by the power of the weeds.

I can see that in my garden, and I can see that in my life.  It is always time to identify what is good, what is poison, and what needs to be pulled out and discarded. 

Attitudes and field grass, those are what I’m struggling with the most right now.

How did my parenting become over-grown with that attitude of “tight-fisted-control” and “pushy-momma-in-charge” as I try to  protect my boy from every possible hurt and harm while trying to force him into a mold of what I want for myself invade my parenting space?   It doesn’t leave room for God to do his work on the heart and mind of my boy, sculpting him into something far more beautiful than the one-dimensional  version I am creating on my own.

Where do all those blades of grass between the basil come from?  The make it hard for the little pungent green leaves to expand and multiply.  And the weeds blowing seeds across my columbine and hardy geranium are overwhelming the bright purple and yellow blossoms.

Time for some weeding.

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  1. weeding is the bane of my existence. I have come to the conclusion to dig the entire landscape around the pool (which should have been concreted to begin with) and start new because it seems near impossible to get ahead of the weeds.

    As for parenting – I am struggling with the point where I let the kids call shots for themselves and learn to suffer the consequences and not be sweet-talked into rescuing them when the writing is on the wall. It is so hard because the last thing I ever want for them is to fail – but sometimes it is necessary.

  2. Celine

    I lost my battle with the weeds in my garden 😦

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