– one –


We had a few friends over last Sunday for a bar-b-que and some fellowship.  We made S’mores, but modified.  I used home-made oatmeal cookies (sans the raisins) and we offered both milk chocolate bars and peanut butter cups for the chocolate option.  They were a hit – not a single peanut butter cup left!  I hope to have more gatherings that end with time out at our fire pit and socializing all around – and I just obtained a yummy recipe for homemade marshmallows from a dear friend so I’ll be doing some experimenting with that!

– two –


When I was in Billings last weekend I saw this older gentleman feeding the ducks.  There was a van of folks waiting for him, as if they had driven him out there special to feed the ducks and then they were on their way to something else.  He had a rather large container of grain with him, and it took him a good 15 minutes to empty it out one handful at a time.  It just struck me as so sweet, I had to get a photo (actually several).

– three –


Those lupine are continuing to bloom beautifully, although some of the stalks are starting to go to seed.  Other flowers are coming along as well.  Although most of my garden remains invaded by the field grasses, there are some beautiful blooms to encourage me that it can be a wonderful garden again some day.

– four –


J successfully tested for his blue belt in karate this week.   He takes the matter so seriously!  But he also does a very good job.  This morning he was over heard to say:  “I wish there was karate tonight because I love it!”  He has progressed quite rapidly through the stages, and I believe he is learning a lot besides just the self-defense.  Several moms have commented on how encouraging he is to the younger students, welcoming them when the graduate into his class, and paying attention to them when other kids his age just kind of ignore them.  We are very proud!

– five –


These two robin babies were outside the living room window, and I caught a photo of them without disturbing them too much – they were almost ready to leave the nest, and did so within a couple of days of this shot – perhaps with some help from the gale force winds that hit our area earlier in the week.

Then there are these eggs in this nest – I showed it on Wednesday’s post, but there have been some developments:  There are now four eggs instead of two; and

either the weight of the nest with the additional eggs, or the gale force winds referred to above have put the nest on its side, although it is still up off the ground.  All appears to be fine, and I am guessing the nest will function just fine in this position, but I’ll be keeping an eye on it to find out.

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  1. Love the smores shot, the little bird peeking and the 2nd flower!

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