J and I went on our first “Peak a Week” hike last Wednesday – a beautiful day that turned into a whole day off of work for me.  We went to a location neither of us had ever been before and were surprised in several ways.

First we were surprised by all the wet – it was like a rain forest.  The ground was muddy (see all that mud on J’s leg above), the plants were dripping with left over rain from the night before, everything was green, and the streams were running above “normal” levels. 

Second we were surprised because it was cool – sunny, but we both wore our sweat shirts the entire four hours.

Now, here’s the hard part.  We didn’t make it to a peak.  We hiked for four hours straight, took a wrong turn on a trail, back-tracked, and made it to the top of a ridge.  Which may be all that was available with this particular location.  It was called Mount Ellis, but I don’t think there is a particular peak.  And that was okay with us – sort of. 

J was counting on a literal peak, and I would have liked that satisfaction, but it just wasn’t to be had in this particular circumstances.

Next time we’ll get a true peak.  But I’m not sure when that will be as this week is fast disappearing, and a re-arrange in some of our schedule leaves me wondering if we don’t need to double up next week.

Good news is that with the warm weather we’ve been having, most of the true peaks will be free of snow and safer to climb earlier than usual.

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3 thoughts on “PEAK A WEEK UPDATE

  1. Good for you for venturing out for a hike. Today is the only day our weather has been comfortable to do anything outside and the weekend looks like we’ll be back to 90-100 (ugh!).

  2. that looks gorgeous. we love hiking over here. . .

  3. Celine

    What a beautiful place to hike!

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