I am without my gratitude journal at the moment, but I want to post so much gratitude, so I’ll shoot from the hip and list the things I can think of, and do a more official “list” next week.

1117.  Safe travels;

1118.  New people to meet

1119.  S’mors on oatmeal cookies in the back yard with lots of friends, made over our new fire pit

1120.  Clean house;

1121.  Re-appreciation for the particular personalities in my household after being away from them for a bit and seeing the dynamics of other families – oh how I love our little three person dynamics, foibles and all;

1122.  Motivation for some hard tasks;

1123.  little tiny tomato on the vine giving hope for the gardener;

1124.  Unexpected day at home with J and in the garden;

1125.  Hiking with J – Peak a Week number one!

1126.  Wild flowers;

1127.  Running more than once or twice in a week and even when traveling;

1128.  Little boys who are trilled by old Tonka trucks;

1129.  J’s interest in missions to the Amazon;

1130.  New work for J and his friends;

1131.  Warm summer evenings;

1132.  Being invited to dinner;

1133.  Mango for breakfast;

1134.  Progress in the yard;

1135.  Hard work by J;

1136.  Surprise gift from Elizabeth in the mail;

1137.  Being tired from all the good things in life.

1138.  20 people for a bbq

1139.  Photo shoot gone well

1140.  Living where it is green and lush – at least for now

1141.  Bird song from the surrounding fields

1142.  words of wisdom from radio preachers


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  1. I would be so grateful for a clean house too 🙂

  2. Love these, but this one is my personal favorite…”Being tired from all the good things in life.” I can’t think of any better tired than that!

  3. Celine

    Love your gratitude posts!

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