1. We’re starting to get some flowers out – it is warming up enough that the early ones are here.  The poppies are a favorite.  When I was in the camera store yesterday (just looking into getting a new battery, not a new big purchase), my friend who works there was all excited that we had poppies.  I told her of a place in town (closer to her) where there is a huge clump of them on an empty lot.  They are so lovely, but I have a really difficult time getting photos of them without blowing out so much of the flower – that orange is so hard to control the light on (at least for me).

2.  I found something I lost – the external hard drive I’ve got many many photos stored on.  I couldn’t find it for months, which means I was fearful of having lost some photos I love, and that my computer is getting backed up with all the new photos stored on it – running out of memory space.  But this morning I found it, right where I put it for safe keeping but forgot.  Typical of me – attempts to be organized are foiled by the disorganization within my mind.

3.  Poor J is suffering from allergies in a big way.  It hit him hard for football camp, and now he went out to run today, and came back in completely suffering.  He’s always had some allergies to grasses, but this is a sudden and extreme attack.  It is making it tough for him to get outside and enjoy himself. 

4.  Do you see above how J is rushing that passer?  It was so fun to see his bits of success in football camp (despite the allergies).  He’s pretty small compared to most of the boys he played with, but he hung in there.  All in all, he came away from camp with a positive view of football and looking forward to a fall season.

5.  I heard a wonderful sermon on the radio this morning (or parts of it as I was running some errands).  Here is a link to it:  David Jeremiah

I just love his explaining of how we are each unique.  Can’t improve our skills by doing what someone else does to improve their skills because we are different and what helps us improve will be different from what helps someone else improve. 

We have a friend who really advocates (strongly, almost pushy) that if a child wants to do well in school they need to hang out with other children who are doing well in school and do whatever those students do – the expectation is that suddenly a B student will become an A student.  Our friend has pointed out that we don’t do this enough with J – in other words, they think we need to limit his access to average students in favor of access to highly successful students.  That has always made me bristle, but I couldn’t really articulate why it was not setting right with me.  I just knew that for J this would not be an effective approach, so we have not pursued that.

In his sermon, Dr. Jeremiah really emphasized that each person has to work with their own unique make up and how God created each of us for a specific purpose(s) – and if it is not your purpose to be like someone else, trying to do that will not be a success for you.  And then he talked a lot about finding your God-given purpose because unless that is what you are pursuing, you are going to struggle achieving your goals.

As a parent I just find that so reassuring – I don’t need to look to what others are doing and then beat myself up for not doing those same things with my child.  I can look at the individual and unique characteristics of my child and develop a plan for him without worrying that it is different from what someone else would do for their child. 

Big sigh of relief!

That all probably sounds so basic and obvious to most of you, but the conversations that go on in my head need to be influenced by Dr. Jeremiah’s kind of thinking instead of the flailing around that has been going on up there trying to figure out why what works in one family/child is not working for my family/child.  It builds my confidence as I head out in the direction I know is right for my child and not feeling some need to justify myself. 

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5 thoughts on “FIVE ON FRIDAY JUNE 15TH

  1. lovely list susan beth. i love taking photos of flowers, as a matter of fact, i took one this during my afternoon lunch walk. so sorry that j is suffering from allergies. i never thought i had it but this year has seemed to affect me.

    have a wonderful weekend!

  2. Sun with reds and oranges and yellows can be a challenge for me as well. As for exposing your child to higher achieving peers – there is something to that – but only to an extent. To a certain degree, the placement of my children in certain courses influenced who they hung out with. Fortunately, we also strongly encourage working to the best of their individual abilities and uniformly held certain expectation of them; and so far (knock on wood) – they have worked towards those expectations. Child rearing is such an individual thing – but I think as long as a child is getting direction and encouragement from home – that is the big thing.

  3. Love the details in the center of the poppy! So sorry to hear your son is having allergy trouble… I have terrible allergies and know they can make you feel so bad. I hate taking medicine but have come to prefer taking allegra to feeling so yucky 🙂

  4. Celine

    Love poppies! So pretty! And don’t you hate allergies – get some at weird times and hate them!

  5. Kelly

    Your poor sin and his allergies. I had them terribly as a child but over time I have grown out of most of them. Hope the same for him.

    Love your flower macros, great job on those.


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