I am craving simplicity right now, even in my art.

Seems like so many things are complicated these days, running here and there to get to all sorts of activities, trying hard not to let anyone down.

I’m not complaining – we have some great people and activities in our life.  But right now I’m craving simple, uncomplicated, no frills.

I want to enjoy my family by laughing with them. 

I want to cook simple food – meat, veggies and brown rice would make me very happy.

I want to do simple things like pull weeds and keep a clean house.

I want to wear simple clothes like shorts and a t-shirt.

Ever feel that way? 

Like  you just want to dump all the complications and be simple?

It is not a hopeless goal you know, being simple.  I think I will purposefully focus on a simple life on Thursdays for a while – see where that takes me.

If you have ideas about being simple in your lifestyle, link me to them in the comments section!


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  1. It does seem that life is way more complicated now than even 10 years ago for me. Craving simplicity is a pretty common human trait, I think, esp if we feel overwhelmed. Good luck to you in your quest.

  2. I completely and totally understand. For now, it’s not feasible. Someday — it will be. 🙂

  3. Tracie

    I am always striving to simplify… great post 🙂

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