Our crop is getting tall enough to hide a 95 pound dog in it – yes, that dark spot in the middle is Leo, standing full height, walking among the crop.

It really is a beautiful crop when you take a close look at it.

But we have been mystified as to what to call it.  We know it is a crop because it gets harvested every late-July or early August by our friend Paul, who uses it to feed his horses and even sells some of it for others to use to feed horses.

The temptation is to call it a “grass crop.”  But given that Andy is a criminal defense attorney in his non-farmer role, a “grass crop” or a “weed crop” both sound . . . well . . . suspicious.  So we try to avoid that – particularly because it invokes some pretty extensive giggling from J, who thinks it is all very funny that his dad grows weed.

Can you spot Leo in this photo?  He is there – further proof that the crop is going to be a good one this year!

But on Sunday evening while J and I were off doing interesting church activities, Andy stayed home and watched “Montana Ag Live” on PBS.  The show created some excitement, because he learned the proper term for what we grow:  PASTURE. 

There you have it, we grow pasture – we are pasture farmers.  So good to finally have a name for it.

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5 thoughts on “WE ARE FARMERS – BUT OF WHAT?

  1. That is amusing. I’ve never heard of one growing pasture 😉 How tall will it be when it’s ready for harvest?

  2. The grass seeds really are pretty when viewed up close!

  3. and here I’ve always referred to it as hay. We have a few ‘pasture’ farms – and a few ‘pasture’ homes out in our direction of the neighborhood.

  4. Celine

    That is tall if you can’t even see your dog! wow!

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