One look around my yard (above photo included) and I know I am so very very blessed.  Blossoms everywhere (or buds waiting to be blossoms!).  Anyway, the gratitude list continues and my heart is full of giving thanks that God provides so many little and big beautiful things to enrich my life each and every day.  His love for me is evident if I just take the time to see it – the same is true for you!

1049.  MCS’ professional and warm manner for handling an injury to J.

1050.  The cuteness of kittens (go an look here)

1051.  J and N singing to Adele in the back seat – oh the joy in their voices!

1052.  Completing 13.1 miles in 3:03 hours

1053.  Fried support as I ran the 1/2 marathon

1054.  Safe drive on snowy night

1055.  Great graduation party

1056.  Moisture to keep things green

1057.  Extra day in the weekend

1058.  Affirmation of decision to switch schools

1059.  Abundance of crafting supplies

1060.  Holly remembering a piece of my art work and complementing it

1061.  Standing up for my child.

1062.  Winter sweaters packed away.

1063.  J’s black eye healing

1064.  Rainbow after weekend of storms

1065.  Encouragement of extra credit opportunities

1066. Raspberries to eat at Eva’s house

1067.  Camping for J first night after school gets out

1069.  Ride home from camping with a friend for J, making the day go so much better for the office

1070.  Rain to keep things green

1071.  Forgiveness for harsh words

1072.  Success of crab rangoon

1073.  Explanations for someone not feeling well

1074.  Finding walls of water to use in garden

1075.  supplies on hand for projects

1076.  Rainbow over the house (yeah, I know I posted this photo before, but it is so fun to think of my house under that rainbow of beauty!)

1077.  Volunteer raspberry bushes under the deck – going to be so yummy!

1078.  Time for Art

1079.   good black bean chili recipe and having all the ingredients on hand

1080.  More rainbows!

1081.  Robin’s nest in the bush by the window so we can peek in.

1082.  Bird in the birdhouse – and a photo of it!

1083.  More rain to keep everything green

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5 thoughts on “THANKFUL TIME AGAIN

  1. On 1049: that warm manner makes all the difference, doesn’t it?
    On 1076: Yeah! I love it when the same thing shows up repeatedly on my gratitude list. I think that’s so healthy. I don’t think it’s ever bad to be redundant when we thank God. 🙂

  2. Followed you here after you commented on my blog, and found a place I want to come and visit again and again. So, I’ve subscribed! Love the beautiful place you live and all the photos on your blog, especially the white barn. Your son reminds me of my 40-year old when he was that age. 🙂 Thanks for sharing your faith and a beautiful list of God’s goodness.

  3. this is wonderful and I love the photos. so very peaceful. 🙂

  4. Love this! I’m especially in love with your first picture! Beautiful! Beautiful words, beautiful pictures!

  5. Celine

    Love this – great way to remind ourselves that we are blessed!

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