1.  Earlier this week J and I took a walk down by the Gallatin in the late evening.  It was actually later than I would have liked as far as lighting went, but I still enjoyed pointing my lens at a few things, and J enjoyed playing by the water – he always loves that!

2.  School is out for summer!  Yeah!

3.  J is off on a camp out (in the rain much of last night) with a nice group of boys.  When I left he hadn’t put his sleeping bag in the tent, and it started to rain soon thereafter, so I suspect he slept damp last night.  Hopefully that will help him to learn a lesson about putting his stuff away.  I know he was excited about the fishing pole being offered to him, so it probably slipped his mind.  Mean old momma didn’t rescue this time.


4.  We still have pretty unstable spring weather here, but I am celebrating that for two days in a row my seedlings have spent their time outside and survived.  I found some walls of water tucked away where I forgot about them, so hopefully this weekend I’ll get a few things in the ground with some protection.

5.  J is signed up for football camp at MSU in a couple of weeks – I think it is going to be really challenging to him.  May be it will inspire him to play, or maybe it will convince him to not join the team at school this fall.  Either way, it will be good for him.

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4 thoughts on “FIVE ON FRIDAY

  1. You are surrounded by beautiful scenery and you captured it perfectly!

  2. Welcome June is right! I love summer! It looks like J’s summer is filling up just fine!

  3. Your son isn’t letting any grass grow under his feet – jumping right into summer activities. Beautiful scenery.

  4. Kelly

    Wonderful barn shot and I love the bridge as well.


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