I believe they will survive and produce blossoms, but on Saturday and Sunday it was hard to feel encouraged about that!

On to other weekend news:  the weather that did this to my lilacs is also the weather that I ran my first 1/2 marathon in on Saturday.  Let me give you a few more details:  34 degrees was the high as far as I cold tell.  The winds were out of the East at about  30 mph.  We ran almost due East, so that means the wind was against us the ENTIRE way at a good clip.  There were snow flurries about 75% of the time.

Basically the weather conditions were terrible.

Apparently J told Andy as they were driving over to see me finish:  “Poor Momma, this will be the end of her running career.”  He he he!  The weather really was bad!

But I finished the 13.1 miles in 15 minutes less than I anticipated.  I think I was close to last, but really, there weren’t that many people running – only diehards and me to prove a point.  The others were all much more experienced than me.  And I really did expect to be the last one across the finish line.

I need to give a big shout out to my friends Roberta, the Hawley family and the Wendell family because they all came and cheered me on – some of them even running with me for a few minutes at a time.  It was wonderful to have all of them, and I appreciate them so much for that.

Andy took photos – got some good ones we thought, but it turned out – no card in the camera.  The Hawley’s have some photos (Donna ran the race too, finishing about 20 minutes ahead of me).

Now I have an ugly grey shirt with a picture of a really old guy running on it to show for my efforts.  And a sense of accomplishment.

But my comment about the whole thing would be:  I like my training runs much better.  I may or may not have already searched to see what upcoming Montana races look to be reasonable for me to train for.  I think I might need a race that is on a decent weather day.

And, two days of rest later and I really can’t feel any sore muscles or joints at all – completely recovered, and if I can avoid a thunder-storm this evening, I might go for a bike ride to get this old body moving again – might.

There is more from the weekend, but time to close this post out and get back to work!

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  1. Oh no! That snow looks so out of place on the lilacs.

  2. Those poor lilacs look so cold and unhappy!

  3. Celine

    Brrrr – can’t believe you got some snow!!! And congrats on your run! That is awesome!

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