Over at Ali Edwards blog she talks about having a Summer Manifesto.  I thought (think) that is a pretty cool idea.  But then I realized that I don’t know much about manifesto writing.  

Really, my exposure to manifesto comes through the oft referred to but never read by me Communist Manifesto and the manifesto written by Ted Kaczinski (also unread by me).  What would this kind of document have to do with my summer? 

As it turns out, “a manifesto is a public declaration of principles and intentions, often political in nature.”  (Thank you wikipedia for the quick reference).  Not sure my summer needs the political nature part – seems like the news media and election season will insert enough of that into the summer without my adding more. 

But a declaration of intentions and principles, well, that I think could be a great thing if I can avoid being pompous about it.

So here I am to declare my intentions and principles for the summer – don’t laugh, but some of this is nothing more than “what we plan to do this summer.”  Which is something that has been on my mind quite a bit as I get concerned about a certain 12-year-old being home alone more than usual and being lonely and bored and driving his mom nuts with complaints and nagging ideas about getting together with friends and spending money we just don’t want to spend (he gets expensive ideas when he’s bored!)

So far I know we will be doing the following:

  • J volunteering at V.B.S. in June;
  • Me doing my first out-of-town photo shoot at a friend’s family reunion;
  • J going to two over night camps in July (one is a wilderness camp done entirely in the back country, which I am so excited for him to do, the other involving paint ball, which he is so excited to do);
  • Hunter safety classes for J;
  • Hopefully some work helping others with projects that a 12-year-old can help with (for pay);
  • At least one more stint at the balloon setting for Cowboy Mounted Shooting;
  • Continuing with karate lessons;
  • Hopefully a visit from Grandpa Gary in July (no pressure, just a hope);
  • The Peak-a-Week plans
  • Some sort of participationn by Andy in the Bozeman Triathlon   (maybe as a member of a team doing the half-Ironman, where he would do the running leg)

Also hoped for is some camping as a family (no specific plans yet, but I’m going to turn my attention to that this weekend) and some time in the garden/yard.

Those are the intentions so far.  Now for the principles – keep in mind this is the “Momma wants us to be . . . ” list, not necessarily what everyone else thinks is ideal.

  • Lots of time outdoors;
  • Lots of time being active (biking, running, hiking, swimming, fishing);
  • Learning to incorporate fun into even the chore parts of the day – i.e. no complaining that you have to mow the lawn or that you get to ride your bike to a friend’s house instead of getting a ride in the car;
  • Balancing work at the office and the stress it brings with laughter and joy at home;
  • A little spontenaity if opportunities arise we weren’t expecting;
  • Entertaining friends in our home;
  • Realizing that entertainment does not need to include a screen of some sort (this is something that we have every summer and really, every summer I find that the screen activities fade as the days extend light further into the evening); and (hopefully!)
  • An integration of creativity into most all we do – including time for actual art for momma!

We will happily take any extra visitors who decide to come by, and we may jump in the car and go to Yellowstone or some other destination within a few hours drive. 

So, those are the intentions and hoped for principles of this coming summer.  Schools out in 6 days, and it will all begin.

What are your summer plans?  Link me in to your blog posts about it through the comments.

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5 thoughts on “SUMMER MANIFESTO – SORT OF . . .

  1. I felt like I could almost smell those lilacs through photo…I love them. I think the manifesto turned out well! Here’s hoping for a great summer 🙂

  2. Beautiful flowers, ambitious manifesto – sounds like it should keep J pretty happy.

  3. Daniel

    You know their is a place to vist that is not on your list i’ll let you guess where that is.

  4. That sounds like a perfect summer, even if only half those things come true! I’m slightly jealous that you’re only “a few hours drive” from Yellowstone! I was there years ago, it is beautiful!

  5. Celine

    Sounds like some great Summer fun!

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