means I can get outside and take a few photos.  This morning at 5:50 a.m. I rolled out of bed, grabbed my camera and went out into the damp (it had rained all night) to see if the apple blossoms were still in tact. 

I was afraid the rain and wind would have destroyed all of them.

Some of them are looking a bit worse for wear, but there were some beautiful ones too.

And I could hear the bees buzzing, so I’m optimistic about the fall crop – barring any hard freeze in the next few months.

But for right now I’ll enjoy the blossoms.

And I’m looking forward to the lilacs, which should be in full glory any time now.

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4 thoughts on “GETTING UP EARLY

  1. It is a beautiful place to be……

  2. Such beautiful pictures!

  3. Early morning is the best time for pictures – it is helped even more in that no one is around nagging you do hurry up. Beautiful shots.

  4. Pretty apple blossoms! Ours are all gone, and little teeny tiny apples in their places 🙂

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