Just the list today

1027.  10 miles ran with my husband as my running coach – like he was right there with me the whole way!

1028.  New fire pit area placed in the back yard – a surprise from my husband.

1029.  70-year-old father

1030.  Bike ride with Andy – again he’s helping me prepare

1031.  Running into Ben H. at the yogurt place.

1032.  Little bits of growing up progress with J – like getting out the lint roller on his own and sprucing up his clothes

1033.  J’s excited heart to volunteer at VBS

1034.  Connections that are made stronger by walking through a crisis together.

1035.  China Report project almost done

1036.  J’s friendship with S – playing together so nicely!

1037.  New office space working so nicely when we all need to be here

1038.  Complements of Andy’s work from other attorneys

1039.  Instability of spring weather makes for interesting skies

1040.  Eating outside even if we had to wear sweatshirts

1041.  Seeing Andy be a bit playful after a very intense week at work

1042.  Fluffy bunny tails as they run into the bushes

1043.  Interesting spiders in the planter boxes – what’s with the big white bulge attached to some of them?

1044.  Rotten bananas make good banana bread

1045.  Making due with what is in the cupboards instead of running to town to shop.

1046.  Second run at the spaghetti sauce is more flavorful

1047.  Crab Rangoon recipe for China report will be easy to make.

1048.  Fun book to read

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3 thoughts on “GRATITUDE ABOUNDS

  1. barefootbuttercup

    fabulous list!

  2. barefootbuttercup

    excellent list! 🙂

  3. We’re eating outside tonight. And we did yesterday…twice. There is nothing like it!

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