This young man has me excited, exasperated, thrilled, worried, joyful, hopeful and filled with love all at the same time.  I am guessing that is the general nature of 12 year-olds. 

He is as honest as the day is long – even when being so is detrimental to his cause.

He has a heart to care for the feelings of others – sometimes to his own detriment.

His use of humor and love of music never cease to amaze me.

He’s much smarter than he thinks (but don’t tell him that because he won’t believe you and will get angry that you said so) and at his new school most of his grades are well above 80% – there are two classes that the teacher hasn’t updated the grades, so I have to say “most” instead of “all.”

We have two weeks of school left, and a pretty big project for him to finish, but I am getting so excited about summer and having him around for so much time.  We are going to do “a peak a week” hiking together, and I love the idea of spending those days with him.

I’ve noticed some real growth in his day to day life – last night on the way home from Bible Study he told us that he likes the low sugar diet we’ve been on because he really does feel better when he eats low sugar (this was of course after a day where he didn’t do low sugar, and he was feeling the blah side effects).  Now if we could just get him to have some fruits and veggies instead of just meat and nuts and grains things would really be squared away in the nutrition area.

He’s also is quite the reader.  He’s got a book or two lined up for when he can turn his attention away from his China report (the “big project” referred to above) and do some fun reading.  I’m considering enrolling him in the library’s summer reading program if he isn’t too old because it will have him just one more academic type thing to feel good about, and that is always a good thing.

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