And he was on the phone for over an hour.

I’m mixed in my feelings about this.

I don’t think that girls should call boys for dates, flirting, etc.  and that isn’t what this was.  They are buddies who did a project together recently.

Still, it is proof that he’s growing up so fast.


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One thought on “A GIRL CALLED . . .

  1. Gracie

    I loved reading through your blog Susan Beth! Awww, your little guy on the phone, how sweet. Darn these kids for growing up on us!! My youngest daughter will be leaving her ALL girls’ school in June to enter high school in the fall. They don’t have an all girls’ high school in Calgary, so it will be a BIG change for her. Ummm. yea there are boys there, haha! I am hoping that having two older brothers has taken that initial silly factor away from being around boys in general. With their friends coming over and such, has hopefully given her some skills. It is so sweet though, as i have overheard both of the boys giving her advice about it all. I can cry just thinking about what they said; their hearts were full of love and protection for their little sister and that is a conversation I didn’t have a place in but loved that role that they have taken on.
    My sister lives in Darby-is that far from you? Someday we hope to come and visit again. It was such a nice drive 🙂
    Have a wonderful day!

    gracie 🙂

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