Beans is not my dog.

So, why is Beans on my blog?

Good question.

Beans has decided he likes to come to my house to visit.

He came for three days last week, and we thought maybe he would be with us “forever” and we were happy. 

But that was when we knew him as “Buddy.”

Then his real owner got connected with us, and we found out Buddy is really Beans, and he lives down the road from us a bit.

We said a tearful “bye-bye” to Buddy and figured we had our couple of days and that was that.

But when I went home for a run on Tuesday afternoon, there he was, visiting again – he and Leo are good friends.  This time he just stayed for the afternoon and evening until his real owner could pick him up again.

Don’t tell his real owner, but I think Beans likes us better.  He’s always so happy to see us and get inside the fence line.  And he doesn’t try to run away from us.  Maybe he likes being called “Buddy” better than “Beans.”  I know I would.

But we accept that he’s not ours.  But I do put him inside the fence because I do not want him to be hit by a car, and his owners are not home during the day to return him.  Better safe than sorry is what I think.

Besides, the next door neighbor doesn’t like Beans because he pees on everything, including the neighbor’s grand-children’s toys. 

At my house he just pees on the grass – See, I told you he likes us.

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One thought on “THIS IS BEANS:

  1. this made me laugh, fun story! And my doggy is named Bean, but not plural, just Bean. I love my big ole Bean very much!

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