962. Ducks to watch at local pond

963.  A visit from a stray dog, even if it was a lifetime too short.

964.  New office space

965.  Friends for overnights with J.

966.  Commiserating with friends about the ups and downs of parenting a 12 year-old boy

967.  Ideas to decorate a room in beach theme, and the opportunity to implement those ideas

968.  Running into good friends in the Costco parking lot

969.  New stool to sit on at high desk in new office

970.  Bit of re-vamp of art room furniture

971.  Seven miles run without a pause

972.  Tulip in a vase

973.  Full tables for plant a seed

974.  Above Rubies in the mail

975.  Job for Daniel

976.  Speakers for my computer

977.  Nothing broke during the move.

978.  Free boxes for our move.

979.  Billing complete early in the month

980.  New cases to keep office sustainable.

981.  Possibility of new puppy – not to count on it yet, but a hope

982.  Dried mangos

983.  A week of no sugar for J and his recognition that it feels better

984.  Finding a good burrito store near new office.

985.  Fresh air to breath

986.The glow on the fields at dawn.

987.  J’s good character in giving the stray puppy back to his owners and recognizing that as sad as he was to see “Buddy” go, they were probably sadder when they thought they’d lost “Beans” forever.

988.  Fax and phones back up and running

989.  Fun conversation with Laurie at World Market – unexpected opportunity to connect with church friend.

990.  Lost item found – the school’s pedometer

991.  J cares about his appearance

992.  Little payments from clients add up.

993.  J’s glasses are not lost anymore.

994.  Andy’s correct analysis of challenging legal situation.

995.  Grass needs mowing

996.  A sense of confidence in situation that previously intimidated me.

997.  Hug from Tami at church

998.  New Casting Crowns son – “Jesus Friend of Sinners”

999.  Good neighbors at the new office space

1000.  Working wells as a family with large projects

1001.  The greening yard

1002.  Crab apple red

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  1. Elizabeth

    I love that you have made it to 1000!!

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