• I’ve heard Ann Patchet’s book store Parnassus Books talked about on the radio several times in the last couple of weeks.  I’ve only read one of her books, but she is pretty amazing to get her independent bookstore mentioned on National Public Radio several times in less than a month.  What a business woman – and I like Bel Canto the book of her that I read.


  • I must be a bad mom because I kicked my son out of the car and made him walk the rest of the way home yesterday when his sassy mouth just got to be more than I was willing to tolerate – fortunately we were less than 1/2 a mile away from home, but it was starting to sprinkle just a little bit.  Do you think it will help him learn to be more respectful if I just make it clear he can’t be around me if he is going to treat me with disrespect?
  • Side Note:  My idea of disrespect is probably a little more conservative than many people’s so in defense of my son, who really is generally a good and enjoyable child, no cussing, no name calling, no threats occurred.  It was just the bossy tone of voice that suggested such entitlement that I couldn’t stand.  Oy!  I really am a bad mom!


  • I am so proud of my frugality today – I admit I’m not always frugal, but I’m working on it.  We needed boxes to move the office from its current location to a new location next Monday night.  I got the (I think) brilliant idea of asking a friend who moved into a rental last summer and has just entered a buy/sell for that same home if I could use the boxes she was saving for the eventual move that now won’t have to happen.  And guess what!  We get free boxes for our move.  I love little bits of savings like that!  Otherwise I would have been up to the U-Haul store, and I didn’t want to have to do that!


  • J has let it be known that he doesn’t like my rustic “old-stuff” decorating style.  He’d much rather have a modern sleek look around the house.  He’s entitled to his tastes, I’m entitled to mine.  The fact that we live in an old log farmhouse in the middle of hundreds of acres of fields sort of makes my decor choices a bit more appropriate for the circumstances, but hey, when I die and he gets the house, he can try out sleek and see what he things.  He just has to keep that bossy tone out of his voice when he discusses the difference or who knows what I’ll kick him out of next (wink, wink)!


  • But I am thinking that the “sleek” and modern things we do have (or the things that can pass for sleek and modern) might be good for decorating the new office – sort of excited about having our own office so we can give it our own style!


  • Back to parenting:  Since we let J go with our friends in their car for a while during last weekend’s run/bike race adventure we’ve been hearing a lot of “Well, Mrs. W says . . .” or “This is how Mr. W does it on his bike.”  It is pretty cute, and I am so thankful that Daniel and Eva are people we can trust J to be around and don’t have to be frightened about how they might influence him.  It is good.  And of course, J’s parents really do know nothing about biking – probably couldn’t operate a bike if their life depended on it, so it is a good thing he got educated by Mr. and Mrs. W on this particular subject.  (Insert another wink).
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