This little cuties just moved away on me. Along with the beauty on the right below.

And I admit, I’m hurtin’ pretty bad in my missing of them.  They are now 11 hours away by car, and probably even further away by plane because planes just don’t go where they are.  My heart breaks.

Oh, and I do miss their folks too.  Really, I do!

The past five days have been a whirl-wind.  My brother and his family moved away on Friday, which is the same day that we worked at the office until Mid-Night to get an appellate brief done in time to have it mailed on Saturday (last possible deadline).

Then, Andy, J and I jumped in the car and drove to Red Lodge, where we stayed in a motel, which we haven’t done in years, went out to dinner, J went swimming, and we had a bad night sleep.   Upon rising early in the morning, Andy ran a 9 mile leg of a team race, where his partner Daniel (not my brother Daniel, another one, remember, my brother moved away and abandon me!) biked for 50 miles.  And these two over 40’s took first place in their age group and 7th place overall – out of 70-something racers.  Pretty darn cool!

Then we jumped in the car, came home, and J and I went for a run and bike ride.  I made it 6 miles without stopping, which is not consistent with my body appearance, but is true, and J biked 12 miles (he did a little extra when we got home to gain).  Then it was dinner and off to bed, only to get up in the morning and go to school and work.

So, our little outing was a short vacation after a huge project – so needed.  And frankly, it was highly effective.  We enjoyed each other, our friends, and some beautiful country.

Just to keep up with a few things, here is a gratitude list:


928.  Energy to get through long days away from home (like that 7 a.m. to midnight last Friday);

929.  Goal of doing a 1/2 marathon (going to have to add to that 6 mile run);

930.  Roberta and Donna’s encouragement to do the 1/2 marathon

931.  Linda as a friend and our phone conversations

932.  Smell of red peppers roasting

933.  J reading “The Giver and sharing a question about it with me.

934.  Dinning room table cleared off;

935.  Brown eggs for the same price as white one.

936.  strawberry fruit popsicle

937.  Veggie Pita Sandwiches

938.  Busy week almost finished

939.  Traveling as a family – together

940.  Being an intact family

941.  Working well together in the office to complete a big intense project without any arguments

942.  Enjoying music together as a family.

943.  J’s interest in Everest Climbing

944.  Andy cleaned the bathroom for me while I mailed the appeal documents

945.  Bowden’s had a safe first day of moving travels

946.  Charlie letting me hold and play with him before they moved away

947.  A great day with Danielle at our house before they moved.

948.  The cuteness of baby cows

949.  Sand Hill Cranes in the fields as we drive by.

950.  Seeing a wild turkey on the railroad tracks

951.  Farm pond reflecting the snow-capped mountains

952.  Family walk together

953.  Completing 6 miles running without stopping.

954.  J having time with Eva and the influence she has on him.

955.  J’s renewed interest in his bike.

956.  Day 3 of no-sugar snacks for J and I

957.  Leah’s beautifully executed rhetoric speech

958.  Lunch with friends and eating outside.

959.  Unseasonably warm weather

960.  A new place to have an office – and better too!

961.  Beautiful morning walk with Elizabeth

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